Winter Golf clothing

Men's Snowboarding Grey COLD.RDY Quarter-Zip JacketMen's Snowboarding Grey COLD.RDY Quarter-Zip Jacket

COLD.RDY Quarter-Zip Jacket

Men's Snowboarding

Winter golf clothing for your best golf game 

Cold mornings are no game for your passion on the golf course, so make sure your sports gear gamees your swing and keeps you dry and warm as you make your way through the green. The adidas range of winter golf clothing is designed with a technological approach to trapping warmth by using lightweight fabrics such as polar fleece, polyester and elastane knits, duck-down feathering and quilting. COLD.RDY assists in moisture-wicking to keep light rain out and keep you committed to your game, no matter what the weather. 

Flexible and free in winter golf clothing

Being warm on the course doesn’t mean you should have restricted movement. Each swing requires a drive-through, you need to move confidently and with ease. Golfing on chilly days with energy and pep is easy with winter golf clothing, which will not only keep you warm and dry but also boost your game swag with a host of stylish and on-trend items to choose from. Insulated winter golf clothing from adidas will get you excited about hitting some holes, so stay flexible and enjoy your game in the ultimate gear to back up your swing.

Golfing with the right look for the right game

You haven’t let the weather put you off the course, so ensure you’re dressed for the part. Staying warm and looking stylish don’t need to be mutually exclusive with the adidas winter golf clothing range, and you can find a great selection of golf threads to boost your game. From the right golfing shoes to a good pair of fitted Pants, golfing swag has a trendy edge that is effortless and classic. Pair a quilted winter zip-up jacket or quarter zip top with a legendary polo golf shirt for great follow-through of swing and effortless style.