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Gold Shoes


adidas Gold Shoes

Take the first step on the field and feel like you've already won the game in a pair of gold shoes from adidas. Each of our iconic styles are made to level up your game, and always made with your total comfort in mind. These shoes are for those days when you want to go hard on the field at full speed and look your royal best.

There are so many different ways to play the game, but there's one eye-popping pair of soccer cleats that's made to match your style. Our gold footwear is a cut above all others when it's time to tell the opponent who's the real royalty on the field. Each pair of our cleats is designed with your maximum playability and comfort in mind, ready from the start to fit a variety of shoe sizes, so you can stay on the field longer and play harder. Bring your A game with iconic style — but you still get to enjoy the benefits of a versatile outsole, perfect for firm ground and the softest grass. With our HybridTouch technology, your cleats will spring up faster and come down lighter, so it's less work and more impact for those quick sprints that move the ball down the field or those spectacular game-winning saves. The carbon heel lock offers a rigid and stable way to lock your heel in when it's time to move, while the lightweight outsole gives you that effortless pop that helps you to move faster when fast just isn't fast enough. You want a pair of shoes that you can trust, from the first second until that final game whistle.

If victory is on the three-point line and you want to bury the game winner, do it with a 3-Stripes pair of gold tennis shoes from adidas. They're the most stylish choice for that intense game of pickup on the court or the carefree run in the park. They're made for everything from a quick sprint to a longer workout, so you'll stay lighter and happier on your feet but always firmly on the ground. We have a variety of fits for adults and junior sizes, and we stock a variety of styles for when it's time to go hard and have fun doing it. With our Gamemode soccer cleats for children, a cushioned reinforced touch will not only make those landings extra soft, but this transfers into a firm feeling of take off when it's time to quickly hit the game-winning ball. Perfect for real grass or a fake turf, they're designed for a natural, lightweight feel and with truly eye-catching style. And for the youngest juniors on the team, we offer a fun collection of tennis sneakers with elastic laces and easy-to-put-on straps when you need something that's fast when you're on the go.

The fastest way to add some glamour to your game is with a pair of gold athletic shoes. From soccer cleats to tennis shoes, there's plenty of style for everyone to go around. Each of our shoes has unique adidas gold trim and coloring, perfectly suited to the player who wants to contribute some excitement and style to their game. Whether it's an outdoor soccer game, a run through the park or just a pickup game of basketball in the gym, you'll feel the iconic adidas stability and well-made design combined with a different style that's made to beat out the competition. If you're ready to kick it up in style, try on a pair of adidas gold shoes today.