Girls - White - Sandals - Age 0-16


Show off your little one’s feet in our adidas white sandals for girls

The adidas range of white sandals for girls have been designed with comfort and functionality in mind making these sandals perfect for daily use. Their slip-on construction makes them easy to wear and are the perfect footwear to slip into when in a rush. The sliders also come standard with a soft cloud foam footbed that ensures your little one will be comfortable and will enjoy every step she takes. The one-piece molded EVA upper bears either the original 3-Stripes or Trefoil adidas logo keeping the style authentic and classic. All girls' white sandals also have a lightweight feel to them making them a convenient go-to to pack as luggage.

Go from the shower, to the beach, or a fun sports day in white adidas sandals for girls

Sometimes stepping in the shower requires one to have a protective barrier on one’s feet. This is where the slip-on sliders come in perfectly handy. They are non-slip to safely provide the required grip on the shower floor to avoid any kind of mishap. Plus, the cushioned footbed makes for a comfortable surface for your daughter’s foot to rest compared to the hard shower floor. Alternatively, why not have your little one don her sandals to head out to the pool or the beach. This strappy footwear is the perfect accompaniment for going from a wet to a dry environment, as feet can dry with ease. What’s a sports day without a pair of sandals? Let your little one’s toes breathe and be aired out by the breeze, as she changes from her pair of trainers into her sandals after an active day of sport. The adidas girls' white sandals are multi-functional and essential to your little one’s wardrobe. Plus, the white design means they are easy to incorporate with any color under the sun for your little fashionista.