Girls' Training Jackets: Age 0-16

Outsmart the weather. Girls' training coats from adidas offer your youngster cozy comfort and standout style in any conditions.

adidas Girls' Training Jackets

The best time for playtime is anytime. No matter the weather, our girls' training jackets are fit for your young athlete. Whether kids are making up games on the playground or bundling up for a fall soccer practice, our jackets keep them cozy through it all. Wind is never going to slow them down. Especially when they've got one of our windbreakers to defeat it. Our coats are made with synthetic insulation, so they stay warm, while WIND.RDY keeps gusts of wind at bay. Game day waits for no one. Rain or shine, they want to be ready to give it their all, even when it means staying cozy in the mud.

Athletes and creators have worn adidas jackets for decades. That's why your young athlete wants to stay looking extra fresh. Our girls' training coats come in a range of patterns, so they can find a style that matches their vibe. When they find a color they love, they feel like they can express themselves on and off the field. From bomber jackets to puffer coats, their cold-weather style can reflect their unique personality. Whatever they can imagine, they can become. The adidas and LEGO® Brand partnership lets the world become their playground when they embrace a sense of play. Creativity starts here when you shop adidas girls' training jackets.