Girls' Training Hats: Age 0-16

Whether you're looking for a ball cap or knit beanie, the Trefoil or the Badge of Sport, we have girls' training hats to match every style.

adidas Girls' Training Hats

They've got the shirt and the pants, plus the cool sneakers to go with them — let them cap off that standout outfit in one of these girls' training hats. Browse through the different styles, designs and colors to match your kid's look or give it that bold pop. They can rock the Trefoil, the Badge of Sport or the 3 Bar Logo to show their adidas pride. Some girls' workout caps are a collaboration between adidas and Disney, Marvel or LEGO®. Those hats have a unique badge to display the partnership between adidas and kids' favorite movies, shows, games and characters.

Girls' training hats are made from a soft and stretchy fabric blend to keep youngsters warm and cozy, no matter where the day takes them. Kids can wear one for school, to play catch with a friend, shoot around in the driveway or hang out with the family. Most of our hats are adjustable, so kids can always tighten or loosen them depending on their needs. Girls' gym hats can be minimalistic and low-key, while others have a vibrant and colorful design so kids can show off their personality. Check out our selection of girls' training hats, and get them that final piece to cap off their outfit.