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Freak Shoes

Unleash your inner freak athlete with a pair of Freak shoes by adidas. Show off your moves on the field while you look your best and leave defenders in your wake.

adidas Freak Shoes

Show everyone you're a force to be reckoned with. Lace up a pair of Freak shoes and turn on the jets, show that burst of speed and leave your opponents in the dust. Football cleats like the Freak 22 come in different colors to match your team uniform or stand out with a flashy and eye-catching design. They have a breathable mesh tongue to keep your feet cool when the game heats up. adidas Bounce cushioning is soft and springy, so you can take off from the line of scrimmage and leave your defender behind.

Freak shoes like the Freak Spark come in a lightweight version that has a shroud upper with a slip-on design. The mid top version has molded lugs in the outsole, great for football players battling in the trenches and fighting for every inch at the line of scrimmage. Put on your adidas Freak shoes and get after the quarterback or build that pocket of space to let him make the winning play. Regardless of what position you play in the field, whether you're looking for lightweight speed or comfortable traction to get the edge, try a pair of Freak shoes and find the right kicks to dominate on game day.