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Football Gloves


adidas Football Gloves

When all eyes are on you to make the game-changing catch, make sure you're wearing adidas football gloves. You'll feel confident from the first snap to the last whistle knowing the high-grip palms won't let you drop a pass. Our gloves for football are designed with light padding where your hands need it the most, so you can complete, play after play, every practice, every game. Tough enough to last season after season, these gloves protect your hands from turf burn and the inevitability of getting cleated. Choose your favorite style and color, and let your personality shine through on the field.

Whether you need receiver gloves for pulling down a high pass or lineman gloves for getting a solid grip on a player from the opposing team, we've got you covered. Flexible and lightweight, these gloves are as comfortable in the last days of summer practice as they are in cool fall Friday nights. Our running back gloves will keep the ball secure against your body when the play call has you tucking the ball and going for the first down. Step up to the line of scrimmage with confidence, never worrying about fumbling the ball again. Grab some football gloves for the win.

Football Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Football gloves can definitely help your performance on the gridiron by providing excellent grip for making the grab. Gloves help protect your fingers and palms from the impact when the ball comes rocketing your way. They also keep your hands warm so you can maintain dexterity and control in cold weather.
They can but they don't always choose to. Since quarterbacks are passing the ball, they don't need to worry about the impact of balls that are thrown hard. Quarterbacks might skip wearing football gloves to get a more precise feel of the ball in their hands. They might choose to wear them for better grip in cold, wet conditions. The decision to wear gloves or not comes down to personal preference, play style and the weather.
For excellent grip, check out the adizero 14 or the Freak 6.0 football gloves from adidas. They're made with durable material that provides traction for handling the ball as well as protection from rough catches and cold-weather plays. The gloves are made with perforations in the fabric to let your hands breathe.