Floral Backpacks


Boost your collection with floral backpacks

For a backpack that will perform to the highest level combined with the charming appearance courtesy of Mother Nature, you can’t beat these floral backpacks from adidas. Perfect for statement-making ensembles or for adding some extra personality to your day-to-day companion, these backpacks and backpacks come equipped with a range of features that will make it easier and more comfortable than ever before to carry your belongings around with you and access them when it’s needed. Whether it’s for school, the office, the gym, or just a one-off outfit, add a bit of flower power to your day with adidas floral backpacks.

Innovation—it’s in the bag

These floral backpacks look nice and sweet, but beneath the appearance is a backpack that has been optimized for daily use in a variety of applications. Interior compartments make it easier than ever before to organise your gear, including slip pouches for laptops and inner zipped pockets for those more valuable belongings, while exterior pockets are ideal for those items you might need in a flash. Straps are comfortable and adjustable to help avoid aching shoulders and durable materials are used to help protect your belongings from the elements. With these adidas floral backpacks, you are ready for anything Mother Nature might throw at you.

Daily essentials meet flower power

These floral backpacks will improve your daily wear thanks to a range of innovative new features while their nature-inspired appearance will surely brighten up your day too. Floral prints can be seen across the selection in a range of styles and colorways, from the classic and cozy to the modern and abstract, offering a number of ways to represent this classic design. For a daily companion that has got your back with some added flower power, keep it adidas.