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Down Jackets


adidas Down Jackets

Stay ready for those cold and windy days of the year. Throw on one of our down jackets from adidas, and breeze through your day cozily. Looking for something snugly but lightweight? Try a MYSHELTER jacket, and wear it to keep going when it gets a little chilly during those days on the trail. MYSHELTER down jackets are made of marshmallow-soft materials that are as light as a feather, so you can move freely during your next outdoor adventure. A durable water-repellent finish keeps you dry when it rains, while tape-sealed zip pockets keep your essentials safe.

A down coat with COLD.RDY seals in the heat from your body and keeps you warm, even if you're walking for miles. Want something with a more utilitarian approach? Try an adidas down parka. Besides the extra length, parkas have ample pockets to keep your essentials while you stay nice and toasty. Maybe you're looking for a trimmed-down style? In that case, a down vest is the way to go. It's essentially a down parka without the sleeves and hood. Zip it up to seal in the heat, and unzip once you're indoors. Check out our selection of adidas down jackets, and find the one that best suits your needs.