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To master the game, you’ve got to love the game. Inspired by the Windy City native’s all-in style of play, Derrick Rose shoes make your passion for basketball and commitment to winning clear. After garnering the title of youngest MVP in the league at 22, D. Rose battled his way through injuries and back into the highlights, beating buzzers and sinking and-1s at will. adidas D. Rose basketball shoes incorporate high-performance features so you can give the game everything you’ve got. The ultralight adidas Derrick Rose 9 is constructed with a breathable, sock-like upper that eliminates sweat and stress so you can keep your head up while you penetrate the paint. Stay springy for all four quarters with ultimate on-court Bounce cushioning.


In 1969, as professional basketball was reaching new heights of popularity in the United States, adidas debuted its iconic Superstar and revolutionized in-game footwear. The shoe featured the first genuine leather upper and a herringbone outsole for enhanced traction on the court, making it popular with players across the league. Since then, adidas has continued to debut innovative tech designed for bucket-making and defender shaking, along with eye-catching silhouettes and colorways that helps athletes stand out in the arena and on the blacktop.