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D.O.N. Gear


Donovan Mitchell is always exploring the limits of his potential. His D.O.N. basketball gear helps tap into yours with fresh ideas and lively colors.

adidas D.O.N. Basketball Gear

Donovan Mitchell's game is all about keeping the opponent guessing, staying unpredictable and making the most of every opportunity to get buckets. His D.O.N. basketball gear stays true to that unpredictability, with bright colors and flashy designs that stand out. His D.O.N. basketball shoes celebrate his rise to superstardom and the path to greatness. Once a New York kid dreaming about making it in the league, Donovan Mitchell put in the work to achieve his goals and dedicated his life to the grind. His motto — determination over negativity — speaks to the power of persistence and having tunnel vision to cut out the outside noise.

The D.O.N. Issue #3 basketball shoes are the latest installment of D.O.N. basketball gear. They come in different colors to match your team's uniform as well as eye-catching colorways. Collaborations with LEGO® and Bel-Air Athletics bring a lively and refreshing palette to show your sense of style. D.O.N. basketball shorts have a dynamic look and a super-soft feel to keep you comfortable on and off the court. Check out our selection of T-shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes and other D.O.N. basketball gear inspired by Donovan Mitchell's story.