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Ride hard with adidas cycling t-shirts

We know how much it matters to arm yourself with sports performance gear you can really trust. This collection of cycling tops from adidas features a range of premium technologies so you can hit the road or trail and smash those PBs time after time. Discover Alphaskin body-wrapping support, designed to match the body’s movements and provide a compressed fit to reduce muscle vibration. You can also make use of breathable, anti-odor fabric constructed with Polygiene technology as well as built in UPF 50+ UV protection to stay cool and safe on long summer rides. All adidas cycling tees come in sleek, streamlined designs that are soft, lightweight and ideal for layering up when you need to. With comfort, style and performance taken care of, all that’s left to do is focus on the road ahead.

Choose adidas cycling tees and switch gears with purpose

No matter what the sport, it’s essential that you’re comfortable in your outfit. Any seasoned cyclist will know that this is especially true on the bike. Rides can last for miles and miles, over hills and even mountains. The last thing you need is annoying distractions. The snug, ventilated fit of adidas cycling t-shirts allow for a free range of motion, great for those intense bursts of acceleration, while keeping you cool and dry. On winter rides, they’re the perfect base layer.

Go the extra mile with adidas

Made with recycled polyester, you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the environment when choosing adidas cycling t-shirts. You can wash on a cold program (make sure you don’t use fabric softener) and re-use again and again. It doesn’t have to be for cycling either. Slip on for any kind of training, from five-a-side matches to pumping weights in the gym.

Ride hard with the confidence of adidas cycling tops

Step out into a world of freedom with adidas cycling t-shirts for every type of weather, terrain and cycling discipline. Pick from this vast selection of cycling tops for tanks, tees, long-sleeved fits and fitted cycling shirts to ensure the ideal flexibility and comfort on your ride. When putting in those extra miles, keep dry with sweat-wicking items that keep you cool and breezy. Whether training for a long race on the stationary or taking your bike outside in the harshest of elements, adidas has the right cycling top to take your miles to the next gear.