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Boys’ Training Underwear


Boys' underwear for training

You are establishing a foundation with underwear from adidas. It follows your every movement and at the same time provides sufficient support while exercising. The boys' underwear for training from adidas is designed to complement your active lifestyle.

Made for creators – adidas boys' underwear for training

Increasing your level of fitness step by step and achieving more every day with underwear from adidas.

Our underwear is made of polyester. Polyester is ideal for active clothing because sweat is directly wicked away. The material stays warm at the right moment, which is why many pants, tops and jackets for active people are made of polyester.

You are the highlight on every stage with our brands

With underwear collections like Performance, you are always one step ahead of the latest trend. Performance represents an additional level of motivation and achievement. Our underwear is available in red, black and blue.

People who make use of creativity to revolutionize their world – adidas products for boys's. The next generation of 'sneakerheads' is already in the starting blocks. All who want to discover something new every day need to feel comfortable while doing it. This is where our collections for boys's are just the ticket! The three stripes are always the perfect fit while workout.

Boys' underwear for training from adidas is your new support – especially if you are willing to keep smashing your personal best each day.