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Blue Skateboarding T-Shirts

Brand heritage for skateboarding. With classic graphics and a soft, functional fit, adidas blue skateboarding t-shirts finish any fit.

adidas Blue Skateboarding T Shirts

A staple of the 3-Stripes brand since back in the day, and the choice for the next generation and beyond, adidas blue skateboarding shirts bring heritage to a must-have item. Keep your wardrobe stacked with a variety of tees that offer soft comfort, fits designed for your grind and details and graphics for days. Whether it's iconic adidas graphics, artist collaborations, adidas skateboarding rider designs or new flips on old classics, you'll find the right fit for your personality to keep pushing with style.

No matter where you're headed, adidas skate shirts pack light and answer the call when things heats up, and best of all, the classic fits and styles deliver quality and comfort, session after session. It's a choice baselayer or your go-to tee when movement, breathability and style are key, so find your new go-to and get focused on your next mission. The perfect layer for any weather, the blue tee is a skateboarding staple, and when it comes down to materials, fits and graphics, the skate range delivers. Bring some color to the park, streets or those off-board moments when style is essential and attitude is everything. Choose from a deep range of styles, designs and iconic adidas graphics.