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Blue · Parkas


Give your look an elegant twist with our navy blue parkas

Is blue the color that rocks your style most? If so you will love the adidas navy blue coats that pimp not only your sportswear, but are also a great everyday companion. Available in various lengths and styles – ranging from more elegant to casual – you can find the perfect complement to your individual look. Medium thick coats keep you dry and warm on rainy days, whereas our navy winter coats go the whole hog and wrap you up entirely, so snowstorms do not keep you indoors anymore. And although our navy blue coats all have their individual shapes and cuts, they all sport navy blue for an elegant touch.

Come rain, come shine – stay prepared with an adidas navy blue coat

Practicality and style are not mutely exclusive. Our long coats keep you dry effectively as they reach all the way down to your knees. With a loose fit, they can easily go over your sportswear and keep you dry during an outdoor run, or cover up your clothes when you brave the weather running errands. A repellent storm flap provides even more protection and an inside pocket protects little items – however, you can also fold the entire coat into the inside pocket if not needed anymore, which makes it the ultimate practical rain companion. When rain turns into snow, you can remain warm with our padded parkas that sports a high neckline to protect you from the worst of the elements.

Little extras for maximal effect

Small adjustments can already make a huge difference and with the little extras included into our navy blue coats, you can enjoy maximal comfort. Our winter navy coats include padding of polyester as well as an anti-rain layer to keep off cold and rain or snow. With a zipper going all the way up to the upper neckline, you don’t need to bother with a scarf to stay warm. Mesh linings in some of our transitional jackets allow for increased airflow and are especially suitable for training purposes.