Blue NMD Shoes

Feeling blue has never been so bright and lively. Blue NMD shoes throw some cool, colorful shade at one of the bestselling everyday sneakers out there. Inspired by running shoes from the '80s, adidas NMD sneakers deliver the always-winning combination of a lightweight feel with a fit that's snug as a sock. Their distinct, minimal upper declutters your feet and keeps your focus on every step of the way. Underfoot, an adidas Boost midsole is soft and responsive, giving back energy with every casual, confident stride.

adidas Blue Nmd Shoes

These shoes almost need no introduction. Blue NMD shoes by adidas are made for the city-dwelling explorer, the small-town hero and the open-road, open-sky adventurer. These shoes come equipped with a full-length adidas Boost midsole that has energy-returning properties to give you the same support as the high-tech athletic shoes adidas makes. And with the signature Trefoil design on the heel and tongue, your look will be street-style ready. You can keep things chill with a variety of blue shades ranging from soft pastel blues to sharper, vivid tones. Every shoe is crafted with an adidas PRIMEKNIT upper for dynamic support and breathability, so you can upgrade your everyday experience. Pair them with raw denim or chinos for a sleek classic vibe, or add some old-school flavor by pairing them with a vintage track suit. Providing extra traction and stability in every stride, blue NMD shoes are your go-to sneakers for just about every occasion.

Ramp up your sneaker obsession with blue NMD shoes. These shoes were made with the philosophy that everyday casual-wear shoes should still have the same comfort and support technology as high-end athletic sneakers. NMDs are the outcome of that philosophy. Each pair is classic adidas to the core. With simple design rooted in years of streetwear and athletic-wear domination, these shoes bring the best parts of each vertical together. The blue shades give your style a subdued coolness that can track with you throughout the day. Comfort is key when it comes to these shoes, so you can trust that your feet are well taken care of. With breathable uppers designed with adidas PRIMEKNIT and adidas Boost cushioning to provide long-lasting comfort, you will get around town without even noticing them. Of course, everyone around you will notice them. Blue NMD footwear comes with signature EVA plugs in the midsole to provide the iconic NMD look.

Your feet can't afford for you to settle for just any shoes to get you around. Blue NMD shoes from adidas are an upgrade to whatever shoe you just throw on. Lace up a pair of light-blue NMDs with joggers and a T-shirt as you walk through downtown to check out the new museum. Put on some navy-blue NMDs with jeans and a track jacket before meeting up with friends at the pub to watch the game. Everyone needs a good pair of shoes to see them through their day. Blue NMD sneakers are designed with extra cushioning to provide maximum comfort and support as you walk through the park for a quick work break. The lightweight, breathable uppers keep you feeling light on your feet, while the adidas Boost midsole helps absorb shock and pushes back on your feet to give you that extra support as you walk. Show off your sneakers with the signature NMD plugs made to vary between subtle, loud and everything in between.

Your day throws a lot at you. You need shows as adaptable as you are. Blue NMD shoes can be your causal go-to or your flashy pop that ties the whole outfit together. With sizes for everyone from kids to adults, as well as models designed for men and women, the entire family can hit the streets in style. Go from getting everyone off to school and work to walking to lunch with friends to a night out dancing without ever needing to change your shoes. For an on-trend and comfortable look, shop the selection of blue NMD shoes from adidas. If blue is your color, complete the vibe with a whole range of blue sneakers that feel as good as they look. Whether you're wanting a classic or edgy streetwear look, these shoes with their contemporary design, cushioned ride and lightweight feel will keep you moving effortlessly through your day. Shop today for blue NMD shoes from adidas in kids', men's and women's sizes.