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ADIDAS/May 2024/
6 minute read

Ace the Looks: How to Style a Tennis Skirt

Are you ready to serve? Learn how to style your tennis skirt outfits with adidas.

The new little black dress, tennis skirts have become the “it” item in closets across the globe. From girl bosses to top-tier athletes to your favorite fashion influencer, everyone is loving the timeless and versatile silhouette of the tennis skirt. Depending on how you style them, tennis skirt outfits can add a touch of playfulness, edge and flirty femininity to your looks.   


Your Serve: Tenniscore x adidas 

We played dress-up with Portland stylist Kai Magobenny to discover the best ways to style an adidas tennis skirt. From color-blocked and deeply pleated to monochrome and slim-fitting, the adidas tennis skirt catalogue is expansive and can fit any styling aesthetic.   


"I like that adidas incorporates different materials and structures into their tennis skirts," said Magobenny. "Some are pleated, some are mesh, some have wider waistbands, there's something for everyone."   



Off to the Farmer’s Market 

A coquette girl living in a tenniscore world. When you’re off to embrace the flora and food at the farmer’s market, you want to feel light, bright and airy. For a sunny spring day, Magobenny paired a sweat-wicking light pink adidas tennis skirt, made in part with 70% recycled materials, with a fitted white top layered with white and pink bralettes. The branded over the calf socks are asymmetrically layered under varying socks and tights that were cut to create the look. Satin ribbon laces through the sambas and weaves up scrunched knit leg warmers, tying a sweet bow to finish off the look. This look screams soft and airy but also ready to squabble over the last zucchini squash. 


Note from the Stylist:Tennis skirts are an ultra-femme statement piece, and sometimes they are begging to be dressed up. The pleating blends perfectly with the other core elements of the Coquette Trend and it's a good starting point you can build up from.” 



Off to Get the Bag 

We see you working girl!  From taking meetings to filming content for a brand, when girl boss duties call, one must look the part. For this look, Magobenny layered a white adidas Club tennis skirt over a pair of chocolate ribbed and flared pants. When it comes to what top goes best with a tennis skirt the answer is simple, whichever looks best and conveys the vibe you are going for. For this corpore meets tenniscore look, she tucked a white button up shirt into the skirt and threw a black adidas utility vest over it. The chunky earrings and sleek amber-hued frames add a chic touch while the black and white Ozweego OG sneakers remind us that behind every working woman is a top-tier pair of shoes.  


Note from the Stylist: “Optics are important, but sacrificing style for stoicism isn't the only way to get a job done. Letting your personality come out a little in your aesthetic expression can benefit you wonderfully.” 



Off to Romanticize Life 

Do you enjoy solo dates in the city, journaling in the park, and stopping to smell the roses? You may have a case of romanticizing your life—there is no cure, but we have the perfect outfit to go along with it. This deeply pleated white and pink adidas tennis skirt is paired with a black oversized adicolor track jacket, white adidas socks and grey Campus 000s sneakers.  To add a bit of “who is that girl” energy to the look, Magobenny paired a retro adidas cap and silver dangling earrings with chrome adidas original sunglasses. 


Note from the Stylist: This look revolves around quiet confidence and being satiated by your own mind. If you're one to meditate in the present, the bare leg will be a sensory dream, think soft breezes and tickly grass while you daydream of your future achievements, or ruminate over the frosting at that one kid's birthday party when you were seven. Was it Italian or Swiss-buttercream?”



Off to the Music Festival 

From fist-pumping to EDM to two-stepping to an early 2000s R&B jam, multifaceted attire is key at a music festival.  Magobenny paired a black Aeroready tennis skirt that comes with neon leggings with a purple adidas sports bra and a white adidas Anorak jacket that can be worn off the shoulder or zipped all the way up. Adorned with water bottle holders, lemon-rimmed adi sunglasses and Terrex Free Hiker Gore-tex 2.0 hiking boots, this outfit sings “ready for anything.” The action-ready tennis skirt and leggings duo encourages movement, comfort, and style—because we’ll never make you choose one over the other. 


Note from the Stylist: “I love the idea of bringing tenniscore to the festy-verse because it's wildly practical AND cute. This look can go a million ways, depending on your vibe but whatever it may be, the tennis skirt is your most trusted companion.”  


Off to Date Night 

Speakeasies and photobooths, sunsets and hand holding, no matter what your date night entails you want a look that screams chic, fun and “look at me.” The sleek white and black adidas tennis skirt hugs the hips. Monochrome red tights and heels lengthen the legs, and the animal print crop top layered under the mesh jaguar top add a hint of edgy interest. And because you can buy yourself flowers, we included those too.  

Note from the Stylist: “Just like the cultural ethos of indie sleaze, with this look, the wrongs are making a right. I love the mishmash of different styling elements used here, animal print, red color blocking, leather etc. Being unapologetically messy and simultaneously extravagant, indie sleaze is all about celebrating the chaotic.”


Finishing Touches 

Tennis skirts have come a long way, from the court to Pinterest boards to camera rolls to finally making it into your closet. When experimenting with what to wear with a tennis skirt, let your vibe guide you. Whether you're doing cartwheels in the park or singing karaoke on a date, trust that an adidas tennis skirt will help you elevate your outfit and express your unique style journey.  


"Try different sizes and waist placements," said Magobenny. "Layer your tennis skirt up or down, show some skin—or don't! Have fun with it. Style is all about experimenting and figuring out what feels good on you."  


We hope this styling guide helps bring your creativity and confidence to life. For more like this, check out how to style a jersey or what to wear golfing.