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adidas / July 31, 2023
Increase Your Flexibility With These 7 Exercises

Bend and flow with adidas as we guide you through the world of flexibility. Add these flexibility moves into your daily routine and watch your body transform.

Yoga / May 30, 2023
How To Sync Your Cycle to Your Exercise Routine

The phases of the menstrual cycle create fluctuating hormones—so should you adapt your workouts to match? Find out from Dr. Michelle Sang and Abbey Sharp, R.D. 

adidas / April 24, 2023
Prenatal Workouts: 6 Exercises To Stay Active

Enjoy movement and feel strong with these six pregnancy-friendly exercises from prenatal specialist Amy Schemper.

adidas / April 19, 2023
Postpartum Exercises: 6 Ways To Get Moving Again

Meet your body where it’s at with six balanced postpartum exercises to enjoy movement and gain strength.

adidas / November 01, 2023
5 Ways To Walk More Without Noticing

Take your walking game to the next level. Get moving with adidas and learn five fun and creative ways to walk more in your daily life.

adidas / October 31, 2023
Ways To Avoid Exercise Burnout

Feeling over the workout before even starting? Learn the signs of gym burnout and how to avoid it so you can get back to enjoying your training.

adidas / February 06, 2023
How To Squat With A Bar

Ignite your power and strength in the gym and learn proper squat form with a barbell, plus three variations with adidas.

adidas / February 06, 2023
Exercises For Ankle Strength

Give some love to your ankles—your powerhouse joints for balance and stability. Learn five ankle stability exercises with physical therapist Josh Davis.

Yoga / January 25, 2023
This Is What Great Leggings Feel Like

Workouts are hard, and you can't afford to be distracted by discomfort. Find out how your leggings are supposed to feel to maximize your exercise.

adidas / February 06, 2023
2022: A Year In Review, A Year About You

Look back on highlights of how adiClub rewarded its members over the last 12 months, offering exclusive experiences across North America and around the world.

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