adidas / November 2022

How To Style Hiking Shoes For Everyday Wear

This one goes out to the city people who do weekends in the mountains. Trek into the world of gorpcore with stylist Stone Jarboe and learn how to style hiking shoes.

Streetwear and high-performance hiking clothes may seem like an unlikely match, but the best pairings usually are. These two came together and birthed something beautiful, something on the cutting edge for nature lovers who can’t shake their inner-metropolitan. Gorpcore—the love child of streetwear and hiking apparel—is taking the world by storm. This styling aesthetic has been around for quite some time but has gained profound attention within the past couple of years, in large part due to celebrity culture and The Cut. An acronym for “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts,” Gorpcore blends functional and tactical hiking wear with streetwear. Gorpcore has created a space for streetwear lovers to adorn their bodies with outdoor labels as they trek into the city.  
From the mixing of textures, the layering, and the fusion of bright and muted colors, gorpcore is as alluring as it is accessible. The thing about trends like gorpcore is that they inspire you to get creative and mix and match pieces to gorp up your style. “With the ability to wear various styles together comes the ability to be undefinable,” said Stone Jarboe, a professional stylist in Portland. “You get to decide how to define yourself, it doesn’t matter if other people understand it.”

Six adidas Hiking Shoes, Six Different Looks

We spent the day out in the Columbia River Gorge with Jarboe as he showed us unique ideas for how to style hiking shoes. He created six stylish and aesthetically pleasing hiking-meets-city looks. So, if you’re ready to trek off the trail and into the world of gorpcore, keep reading!

Look 01: Fall Day in The City

Everyone knows what it means to “dress for the season.” This look is about embracing the change of the season but not letting the colors gifted to us by summer disappear. For this look, Jarboe paired a black adidas jacket with black shorts. He then layered this look with slim fitting pops of color. “Finding items with a little color can be great for layering under less vibrant clothing,” said Jarboe. He completed this look with the TERREX AX4 GORE-TEX  hiking shoe because of its simplicity.

Look 02: Rain Showers

Don’t let the rain stop you from looking your best. Inspired by the idea of “tech but make it cute,” Jarboe paired black gloves and a balaclava with a dark and sleek lightweight rain jacket. He added dark leg warmers, a mesh shirt, and sunglasses to infuse playfulness into the style. The softness of the leg warmers complements the hard edges around the jacket. Jarboe chose the TERREX Swift R3 hiking shoe for this look because of all the boxes it checks. From functionality to color, this shoe brought the look together.

Look 03: Keep it Chill & Cozy

Whether you are walking to the grocery store on a cold clear day or taking a stroll through the park, this look is perfect for a day where you are keeping it chill but want to be comfortable and look put together. Jarboe wanted the TERREX AX4 Primegreen hiking shoe to be the star of this look. He paired this beautiful green gorpcore shoe with a soft grey undershirt, black tracksuit pants, a dark fleece, and thick socks.

Look 04: Layer Up

In a world of gorpcore shoes and street fashion, layering is the new black. Jarboe layered a green waterproof jacket, dark utility pants, and a mesh water bottle holder together for this look. The cut of the jacket prompted him to add a small, efficient bag to the look. “Having nothing in your pockets and not needing a backpack makes any outing feel very versatile,” said Jarboe. He chose the TERREX Swift R3 Mid GORE-TEX hiking shoe for this look because of its timeless silhouette and the pop of color it added.

Look 05: Cool Guy

Everyone should have that one look that’s versatile in their wardrobe—this is that look. The 3-Stripes undershirt paired with a white tee creates an effortlessly cool and outdoorsy combo. By adding black shorts with a multi-colored adidas logo, long socks, a minimal hiking shoe, sunglasses, and a hip bag, Jarboe created the ultimate “cool guy takes the outdoors” look.  The versatility and simplicity of the TERREX Swift R3 GORE-TEX hiking shoe is the cherry on top of this look.

Look 06: Gorpcore In The City

The edgy fashion forwardness of this look paired with the strong classic silhouette of the TERREX AX4 Mid GORE-TEX hiking shoe makes it the perfect outfit for a day in the city. Jarboe layered a long sleeve mesh shirt with a pink slim-fitting top that hugs the body. He coupled the top look with exaggerated olive-green pants to give this outfit a light and airy feel. “All the colors in this outfit complement each other so well,” said Jarboe. “The undershirts and pants of this look feel very playful and fun.”

Two Worlds Collide

Whether you were born an outdoors person, a city-dweller, or somewhere in between, learning how to style hiking shoes will only elevate your wardrobe and expand how you express your creativity and sense of self. “You can wear hiking shoes with whatever you want,” said Jarboe. “Don’t let the activewear aspect of the footwear define the rest of your outfit. You create the story, and you make the rules.” 
The rise of gorpcore has created a realm where people are learning that hiking apparel, specifically hiking shoes, can be styled in various ways. Often deemed chunky or unwearable outside the trails, gorpcore shoes have found a lane where they are being accepted with open arms. While adidas is known for designing hiking shoes that make your trek safe and enjoyable, we also pride ourselves on keeping style and city wearability in mind when designing our hiking shoes. From the extreme terrain of the mountains to dodging uneven surfaces and potholes in the city, adidas hiking shoes are made to help you go the distance and feel good doing it.  
Shop adidas hiking shoes to lean into the world of gorpcore and connect with your most fashion-forward self.
adidas / November 2022