adidas / July 2022
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adidas x Peloton Remind Us That We Are All Capable Of Greatness

With the release of a new collection, adidas x Peloton seek to inspire wearers to be their best selves and embrace their greatness.

Your path to greatness starts with you. Finding what inspires you and allowing it to push you further into becoming the person you want to be because, being your best authentic self is the greatness you deserve.  Choosing to live life authentically and being proactive in your desire for change, your desire for growth allows you to keep going. With the support from those that inspire you, combined with the belief in yourself, you’ll find your path to greatness. 
Let the new adidas x Peloton collection inspire your movements as you begin to embrace your power. You deserve to leap towards your greatness and feel uplifted as you do so.


We are all Capable of Greatness and as Peloton instructor Hannah Frankson says “greatness is something that is inside everyone, but they have to find a way to let it out”. Being able to tap into what makes you great, those thoughts and feelings go hand in hand with shaping the person you want to be. 
Greatness can look different for each individual, the destination upon reaching it looks different for everyone, but our personal goals and the steps we take to achieve them is what matters. It’s not about comparison, it’s a personal journey.
Although it would be remiss to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to greatness, there is an element we can all universally agree on. In the words of Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby “Greatness means being confident enough to be authentically yourself and if you can build that inner confidence, then you have the ability to understand and acknowledge how great you can be. You're amazing”.

Greatness to me, it is confidence, it’s realising your own power and it's turning up every day and being yourself

– Jon Hosking


From the small steps we take to the giant leaps we make throughout life, when we move, we feel better, we feel physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. Movement is key to progression.
Feeling powerful enough to be confident in your movements in any given moment brings with it a feeling of freedom. It gives you the feeling of being able to take on the world head on and, when you feel like that you become unstoppable. You become the greatness you deserve.

I Love being able to move and feeling free in the movement.

– Leanne Hainsby


The new adidas x Peloton collection is made up of bras, tights, shirts, shorts, sweatpants, hoodies and tops designed to motivate you and bring out your best self. The collection reminds us that greatness can be achieved by us all. It calls upon the wearer to authentically be  themselves as they create their own paths to greatness. Designed to embrace you every step of the way. 

Break through and find your greatness.

- Hannah Frankson

Inspired by Confidence

Inspiration sets off a chain reaction for progression, for taking that next step. But how do you create and encourage inspiration? For Peloton instructor Cliff Dwenger “the best way you can inspire people is to just be yourself and let them know they can do anything”. The confidence to be your authentic self is truly an empowering force. 
London based Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby encourages her community “to be confident to the core” saying “I hope that I inspire members and people to be the best versions of themselves by leading by example”. There is something freeing in realising your own power, in seeking to be the best version of yourself and confidently taking steps to meet you at your best. Seeing others confidently embody this becomes the support and inspiration we need to show up authentically. 

I inspire people to be the best versions of themselves by showing up as my best-self daily, which hopefully encourages them to show up as their best selves daily.

– Leanne Hainsby
adidas / July 2022
2 Minute Read