adidas / October 2023
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Best Basketball Shoes for Your Playing Style

No matter the type of player you are, there's an adidas basketball shoe for you. Dive into our guide and discover our top basketball shoe recommendations.

Since its inception in the 1960s, adidas basketball has been a trailblazer on the hardwood. Crafted for players who love to ball and are dedicated to the grind, adidas basketball shoes equip modern-day athletes with the gear they need to tear it up on the court. If you’re looking for basketball shoe recommendations, we'll guide you through the diverse world of adidas basketball footwear, helping you find the perfect pair that matches your unique playing style. 

How Should Basketball Shoes Fit?  

Basketball shoes should fit securely with a thumb-nail width of space (~1/2in) above the big toe. There should be no signs of pain in any area of the shoe. Stand and walk in the shoe—it should feel comfortable out of the box before breaking it in. 

What Basketball Shoes Should You Get? 

When choosing basketball shoes, consider your playing style and the specific features you need for your position. We suggest starting on the adidas performance basketball shoe page and narrowing down your preferences based on your preferred silhouette, features, and personal style. Modern basketball shoes are designed to be versatile and offer optimal support and comfort to meet the sport's physical demands, accommodating players who take on hybrid positions. 

Best adidas Basketball Shoes  

The adidas basketball shoe catalogue has always been built on innovation, connection, and cultural breakthroughs. Our basketball shoe line masterfully combines form and function, empowering athletes to both look good and perform at their best. Below is a list of adidas basketball shoe recommendations to help you level up your game.  

Dame 8 EXTPLY 

A basketball shoe made for the athlete that lives in the grind.
Fit: Low-Cut
Features: The Dame 8 EXTPLY rides on a dynamic Bounce Pro midsole that combines elevated stability with lightweight, flexible cushioning. The internal sock construction and TPU propulsion plate will keep you locked down and moving with confidence at practice and in the game.
Perfect For: The player who always comes in clutch and likes lightweight construction, next-level durability, snappy speed, and precision.

Candace Parker Collection: Exhibit Select CP Mid 

A basketball shoe made for the athlete who can do it all.
Fit: Mid-Cut
Features: The Exhibit Select CP Mid provides players with a springy Bounce midsole that responds to every move, and the 3-Stripes are gore straps that wrap around the foot to give you a snug feel from the time you lace up until the final whistle.
Perfect For: The player who is positionless and wants to feel limitless and locked-in on the court.


Ball with fierce confidence and bravado just like Trae Young himself.
Fit: Low-Cut
Features: The Trae 3 basketball shoes were created with peak performance in mind.
The midsole features composite foam, providing explosive power for high-impact moves at top speed. Additionally, an asymmetrical Torsion Bar has been incorporated to enhance stability on the hardwood. To top it off, the outsole of this shoe was created using biometric data based on Trae’s on-court tendencies to form a high-abrasion outsole that grips the court and supports quick cuts and direction changes.
Perfect For: The player who craves stability and enhanced motion. Trae 3’s are made for players who respect the heritage of the hardwood while simultaneously embracing the cutting-edge shoe technology available today.


Made for women by women, the Exhibit Select levels up how female athletes hit the hardwood.
Fit: Mid-Cut
Features: This adidas basketball shoe was designed to cater to the female foot and is great for all skill levels. Its soft and supportive bootie upper offers a secure fit, embracing your foot and flexing with your movements on the court. With a Bounce midsole, you'll experience a lightweight and agile feel as you navigate the court, while the ripple-style outsole provides excellent traction, enabling quick bursts of speed, sharp cuts, and rapid direction changes.
Perfect For: The player who wants a custom-made shoe that elevates their game and perfectly matches their energy on the court.

Find Your Fit 

In the world of basketball, your choice of footwear can make all the difference. From OG hoopers who embrace the grit of the game to new-wave players who value high-tech support and style, adidas has the perfect basketball shoe for everyone. Whether you want to ball like Harden or move like Mitchell, our basketball shoe catalogue has what you need.
As you lace up to hit the court in your new shoes, remember this is only the first step to becoming a better basketball player. From speed and agility court workouts to strength training exercises, be dedicated to elevating your skills and shoe game to step into your full power as an athlete.
adidas / October 2023
5 Minute Read