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How to wear red: A stylist's tips to add red to your look

Love red, but not sure how to wear it? Get inspiration and professional style tips on how to wear red, from bold statement looks to everyday outfits.

Confidence in Color: A Stylist’s Perspective
An unmistakable color, red is a head-turner in any room. “Red is power, baby,” says Jordan Boothe, fashion stylist and editor-at-large for Numéro Netherlands magazine. Boothe loves color and believes it can be an everyday choice when you’re equipped with the right tips.
With so many shades of red to try, the possibilities of adding color to your wardrobe are endless. Boothe is a fan of burgundies and dark reds—colors that thrive in fall and winter. But whichever hue you choose, look at the shape first. Boothe’s philosophy is that a well-fitted piece of clothing worn with confidence will look great no matter the color. The second step is to style around the featured clothing item, pairing pieces in colors that complement red rather than clash.
If the thought of tying red in with your own clothes is making you quiver, resort to the color wheel. Colors opposite each other on the wheel complement one another, so if you’re looking for colors that go with red, shades of greens and blues are the answer. To avoid looking like the mascot of Christmas, adding neutrals like white, tan, gray or black can help tone the red down and create a cohesive outfit.
How to Wear Red for Every Level of Comfort
If what you wear is a representation of your personality, then bright red is the color for the intrepid. “If you’re ready to shut down a room, you’re ready to get the attention—all eyes on you—you should be wearing red,” states Boothe. But maybe you’re not ready to get the attention. Red doesn’t have to be the stoplight color that comes to mind. In fact, with hundreds of different shades of red, there’s something for everyone in the depths of this passionate hue. 
From the timid to the bold, follow these tips to working your way up to wearing red in your everyday.
Dip Your Toe In: Beginner Tips for Wearing Red
For those who don’t want to dive in deep with a full-on red outfit, dip your toe in with a small splash of color. Start with little pops of red, like a phone case, bag, hat, or shoes. Boothe’s favorite way to get dressed is by starting with your shoes and then working your way up to figure out what to wear. With red shoes, an all-black athletic look would summon an edgy vibe, whereas red heels with a dress would turn it into a glamorous moment. Once you start to incorporate red clothing into your outfits, you might be surprised how confident you feel in this bright, bold hue.
Play with the Possibilities
While adicolor outfits work all together as a monochrome statement, each of these pieces can be paired with neutral, everyday clothes like sweatpants, jeans, a white tee or a cropped tank for a more subtle look that still stars red.
If you have a pair of statement red pants, you can let them shine with a fresh white tee and some loafers or heels, or go athletic with sneakers and a hoodie. They might seem unapproachable at first, but finding what to wear with red pants is simpler than it seems.
Lastly, if you’re looking for what to wear with a red shirt hanging in your closet, this might be the easiest piece of clothing to style. Whether it’s a satin red blouse, a crimson graphic tee, or a maroon sweater, pair it with your favorite denim or black jeans, some fun accessories and you’re good to go. Red is all about confidence, so whatever look you decide on, it’s up to you to own it.
Go Big, Go Bold
Boothe loves the idea of going big with red, styling a bold ensemble by combining different shades of red to create a monochromatic look that could stop traffic. It’s for the fearless, but for those who are ready, this outfit will make a big fashion statement in the most iconic way possible. 
Try your take on red with these ideas and use the adicolor collection as your jumping off point for dressing in vibrant, unapologetic color.
adidas / November 2020
3 Minute Read