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It’s easy to get trapped in the idea that there’s a single “perfect” workout routine we should all be aiming for. But the truth is that all movement is good, and the very best workouts are the ones that make you so happy that you can’t wait to go back.

With that in mind, lots of fitness facilities put their classes on sale for the New Year—so now’s a great time to go out and try something new.

Follow the Dance Craze

It seems, Zumba is here to stay. Don’t get us wrong, Zumba is great, but it’s not the only type of dancing that’s good for you. Whether you take ballroom dancing, Irish dancing, Bollywood dancing or even pole dancing, anything that gets your body grooving to good music is bound to be a great workout and make you feel pretty fabulous too.

Join a Run Club

Feel the miles fly by when you run with a pack. Jogging or sprinting with others may be exactly what it takes to remind you of why kids run for fun. Adults can, too – if we just remember what it feels like! Professionally coached running clubs can be costly, but peer-led groups often cost little or nothing to join. Most cities have them, give it a search to see where a group near you is meeting.


If you’re looking for a supportive fitness community, look no further than your local CrossFit “box.” Although these classes can seem intimidating, the workouts can be scaled to suit any body type or ability level—and once you find what you’re capable of, you might just get hooked!

Try Adult Gymnastics

Functional fitness is big these days, and nothing is more functional than being able to move your own body through the air. You don’t have to take up hardcore tumbling; just a few coaching sessions is all it takes to learn crazy hard, crazy fun gymnastics-inspired exercises that you can work up to doing on a pull-up bar, suspension trainer or even on the floor.

Go Surfing (Anywhere)
There’s a reason surfers have such great abs! Balancing on that unstable board really works your core. With group fitness classes like SurfSet that use mechanized boards to mimic the motion of a real surfboard, you can get all the benefit of surfing—but without the sharks.