adidas / September 2020
By adidas


It’s getting cold outside—but don’t let that stop you from lacing up. Running outside in the cooler months can actually be totally fun and effective. Not only are there physical benefits from shaking a leg in the fall and winter, there are also plenty of reasons why it just feels better.

It burns more calories

Yes, indeed. As your body fights to keep you warm, it burns calories in addition to the calories you’re already burning from running. Holiday weight gain? No way.

Preventing SAD
Seasonal affective disorder is real—and getting some low winter sun on your face with a run is a great way to fight it. Outdoor running provides exposure to light, which helps you make vitamin D and generally feel better. Try going on your lunch break for peak rays (but remember to wear sunscreen; just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned).


Have you ever run down a leafy path with the brilliant colors of autumn raining down upon you like a ticker-tape parade? No? Get with it! Nothing will make you feel like a god or goddess of fitness like kicking through piles of beautiful, crunchy leaves. Plus, running is a great way to appreciate the changing scenery wherever you are.

Boosting that Heart Rate

Keeping your blood flowing and your lungs chugging in the cool air makes your heart work a little harder than in more mild temps, which guarantees you’ll get that anaerobic workout you’re hoping for. Just make sure your limbs are covered; even when your blood is pumping, you can still get frostbite.

Coming Inside Afterward
Your hot shower has never felt so good as it does after a brisk run in the nose-nipping fall air. Whether your goal is to fend off winter weight, reach a personal best or just keep up your progress during the hibernation season, cold weather running is the way to go. Just make sure you layer up and watch out for ice!
adidas / September 2020
By adidas