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Through The Eyes Of The Fans: Lena Oberdorf

Some may argue that it takes a midfielder years to master their craft, but Lena Oberdorf is the exception to that rule. Just 21 years old yet born for soccer’s biggest stage.

With the ball at her feet, Lena runs the show. Her passes aren’t just hits, they’re signed, sealed and delivered to her teammates. Leaving no blade of grass uncovered. Even in her own words, she’s wise beyond her years: “I don’t realize I’m 20. I feel when I’m on the field that people see a 28-year-old player.”

And those that have followed Lena from the start want you to know that this wonderkid isn’t just the future, she’s taking over here and now. Starting with this summer's FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™.

“With Lena, the future couldn’t be in safer hands”

- Kevin, Munich


When a player celebrates those same tackles just like a goal, you know you’ve got a winner in your ranks. Someone who understands how the small details contribute to winning the biggest honors. Take her performances at the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™, earning Young Player of the Tournament but playing like a seasoned veteran. Leading by example in a way only a future captain can.

"I'm delighted every time she goes into a duel. It's unusual to celebrate duels in this way, but with Lena Oberdorf, you can’t help yourself. Her will to win and one-on-one strength, it's the reason we’re all looking forward to the World Cup."

- Kevin, Munich

But for so many, the signs of a player destined for the top were clear even earlier than that.

“A 16-year-old scoring two goals and controlling the game, It’s crazy to think how fast she’s grown into the player she is today. That game will forever stick with me."

- Jasmina, Germany