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Health And Hiking: 10 Benefits Of Hitting The Trail

Explore the outdoors and get fit while doing it. Step outside with adidas and learn the benefits of hiking.

Whether you’re doing an ambitious sunrise hike to take in some mountaintop views, or a quick midday trail walk to get some Vitamin D and move your body, hiking is a phenomenal way to care for your mind and body in nature.
Hiking allows you to get fresh air, spend time in nature, and work up a sweat simultaneously. It feels great, and the health benefits of hiking are bountiful. From mental clarity to enhancing your balance to fostering community, hiking truly stands out as a workout that offers an abundance of benefits.

Physical Benefits Of Hiking

Hiking is the workout for you if you want to get stronger and increase your endurance. The list of physical benefits hiking has on the body is long. We’ve included a few of the top ones below.

1. Gets You Fit

As you can imagine, one of the main benefits of hiking is that it keeps you moving and builds endurance. Hiking is a multi-functional workout because it combines cardio and strength training.

2. Heart Health

Hiking is great for your cardiovascular health because it encourages your heart to pump harder, which enhances blood circulation. This improved blood flow is essential to circulate nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, especially your legs.

3. Improves Balance

Hiking works your core stabilizing muscles which in turn improves your balance. As you hike, your leg and core muscles are constantly engaging and contracting to provide you with balance and stability on uneven terrain.

4. Builds Stronger Muscles

Hiking is great exercise for almost every major muscle group in the body. When you hike, especially uphill, you engage the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. When you hike downhill, you’re engaging your ankles, hips and core.

Mindful Benefits Of Hiking

Hiking and mental health are an iconic duo. Below are a few ways hiking can benefit your mental well-being.

5. Reduces Anxiety And Depression

The National Library of Medicine conducted a study that revealed the positive impact walks in nature have on depression and anxiety symptoms. Not to mention, hiking releases endorphins, which are hormones that induce pleasure and alleviate pain. Combined with the rejuvenating effects of fresh air and daylight, a hike in nature can do wonders for your mood.

6. Eases Stress

Hiking allows you to move your body, which is a great way to release stored tension and stress in the mind and body.

7. Encourages Presence

Hiking is a tech-free zone! It allows and even encourages you to detach from your screen and get focused and grounded in the present moment.

8. Improves Sleep

Another benefit of hiking is that it can help you if you struggle to sleep. Being out in the sun increases your Vitamin D intake. Research has shown that vitamin D plays a role in sleep regulation.

Social Benefits Of Hiking

Connection with nature and with others is one of the most beautiful benefits of hiking.

9. Creates And Nurtures Community

Whether you trek with a friend or join a hiking club, hiking is a fantastic way to make friends, be social and build community while doing something that you love.

10. Strengthens Relationships

Exercising with loved ones and spending quality time with them is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond. Hiking with loved ones allows you to be present with one another while challenging yourself physically.

Ready To Hike?

The physical, mindful, and social benefits of hiking are calling out to you. Whether you need to clear your head, get some exercise, or want a way to make friends, hiking is a great way to care for all aspects of your health. Find a park or trail near you and get ready to trek—and don’t forget to bring the essentials with you.