Black X Cleats


adidas Black adidas X Cleats

Stay ahead of your rivals and under the radar by pulling on a pair of black adidas X cleats. For the first century of the beautiful game's existence, cleats only came in black. A gradual change to more colorful options began in England in 1970, but if you're a true soccer traditionalist, you're likely still insisting on black and white cleats 50 years on. If so, you'll find something you like in our selection above. Especially if your on-field superpower is speed. The adidas speed boot franchise was born in 2004 with the introduction of the iconic F50. Super lightweight, it was the perfect option for players who valued swift acceleration and didn't want to feel weighed down by their footwear.

In 2015, the F50 was succeeded by the X, and a decade on, the world's fastest players are still pulling them on to stay one step ahead of their markers. Armed with impossibly lightweight, super-thin uppers, stretchy collars for lockdown at high speeds and cutting-edge outsole techs to propel you forward, the X is all about fast thinking and fast feet. So if you feel the need for speed but also want to nod to soccer tradition, browse our range of black adidas X cleats today.