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Black X Clothes

X Speedportal+ Firm Ground Cleats
X Speedportal.1 Firm Ground Cleats
X Speedportal.3 Turf Shoes
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X Speedportal+ Firm Ground Cleats
X Speedflow.1 Firm Ground Cleats

Black adidas X

The adidas x black gives you the confidence and competitive edge to score goals and win games. In essence, this revolutionary footwear makes you the deciding factor of your team’s game, helping you to play better and dominate the competition. The Clawcollar technology ensures that your feet are given a lockdown fit to help you move deftly around the stadium or playing field. This is enhanced by the adaptable lacing system that offers a snug feel unlike any other. So whether you’re going for a pass or trying to score a goal in the dying seconds of the game, you need a pair of adidas x black on your feet to gain that all-important advantage.

Satisfy your need for speed

In a game of soccer, goals are made in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re receiving the pass and manoeuvring the ball past your opponents; a second later and you’re getting ready to kick the ball towards the goal. The adidas x black is footwear that allows you to accomplish all these moves in quick succession, without any hesitation or faltering. The lightweight mesh upper material is designed to provide game-long comfort, true feeling for the ball, and ungameed speed. Simply put, this is a soccer boot that will help you satisfy your insatiable need for speed during training sessions and actual games.

Leave the competition behind

adidas x black comes in different models to suit the wearer’s taste and demands. There are different designs available to fit specific game or training needs, including firm ground, indoor and turf. These shoes are built for quick actions on the field with their lightweight X-layskin upper materials that offer a streamlined fit and minimalistic feel. This means that whenever you want to leave the competition behind, the adidas x black is there to make it happen.