2018 FIFA World Cup™ Official Matchball NFC experience: Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFC?

NFC = "Near Field Communication". It’s a digital technology that allows two devices to exchange data or trigger certain actions when physically connected to eachother.

How does NFC work?

The NFC enabled device (most smartphones/tablets) sends radio frequency signals that interact with the NFC tag (in this case, inserted in the Telstar 18). The signal allows the device to communicate with the tag, which in the case of the Telstar 18 tag, is passive and only sends out information, while the other device (the NFC enabled mobile) is active and can both send and receive information. The NFC enabled device will receive the information from the tag, which will then open the Telstar 18 experience.

football-ss18-omb-telstar-ingrid-imageWhere can I find the chip on the Telstar 18?

The chip is placed inside the Telstar 18. There is an NFC logo printed where the chip is placed.

How can I activate the content?

You need an NFC compatible device to read the NFC tag. Most Android devices, iPhone7 and newer, are able to read NFC tags.

How does it work on Android?

Make sure your phone is unlocked and NFC is enabled by swiping down the control center from the top of the screen, or open your Android's settings and activate NFC on the ""Wireless and Networks"" option. Tap the back of your phone onto the NFC logo on the Telstar 18 surface to launch the experience.

How does it work on iPhone?

Only iPhone7/7Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus and iPhone X with iOS11 or newer installed, are enabled to read NFC tags. iOS doesn't have a native functionality to read these tags, so a third party app must be installed to be able to read it. There are many apps in the App Store with this functionality, make sure you download one that is able to open content in the browser.

Do I need an app?

You only need an NFC-reading app if you are an iPhone user (see point number 7). No adidas app is needed to enjoy the Telstar 18 NFC experience.

What is the experience about?

The experience offers different functionalities like exclusive information about the product, adidas football content, special competitions and challenges, etc. Features will be updated so… keep tapping!

Is the experience exclusive to the chip users?

Yes, you can only see the experience if you tap the Telstar 18 directly with your phone.

Can I share the link of the experience?

No, if you share the link, users will be redirected to a different page, as the experience is exclusive for those who tap the Telstar 18.

Do I need to buy the ball to be able to see the experience?

Not neccessarily, you can also try tapping the Telstar 18 at our retail stores, or tap your friend's Telstar 18.

Can my friends tap my ball?

Yes, you can all tap the same Telstar 18 and enjoy the experience on our own mobile phones.

Can I rewrite the NFC tag?

No. It is not possible to delete or rewrite the encoded parameters.

Is the chip telling me how I use my ball? (speed, kicks, etc)

No, the chip is passive. This means it only triggers an action on the NFC enabled device. In this case, it's opening up the experience on your mobile.

My chip doesn't work, what do I do?

1. Make sure your mobile device supports NFC and fullfills the requirements for it (check point 6 if Android, point 7 if iPhone).
2. Ensure your device is close to the NFC chip (NFC logo is printed on the ball, see point 3).
3. Ensure your device has Internet connection.
4. If you are sure the chip is not working, please contact our Customer Service on http://www.adidas.com/us/help-topics-Contact+Us.html