The supermodel and fitness fiend knows how important it is to fuel her strong body – and mind – with good eats. Here, her favorite foods, tips for cleaning up your own diet, and how to incorporate indulgences – whether it’s cookies, ice cream, or both.

When you think of supermodels, cookies probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. But for Karlie Kloss – who in addition to being a model is also an adidas ambassador, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast – cookies totally fit.

“Growing up, I used to bake (and eat lots of sweets!) with my Gran every week,” says Karlie. But after moving to New York City in her early teens, she learned more about nutrition – and how she could transform the typical sugary treat into a veritable superfood. Thus, the Klossy cookie project was born.

“I wanted to make sure my recipes were tied into the science of nutrition, and I realized you could create healthier indulgences that were delicious, and made with clean and wholesome ingredients,” she explains.


But a fitness enthusiast like Karlie – and us! – can’t subsist on cookies alone – superfood iterations or not. “My mantra is strong body, strong mind. It’s important to fuel your body so that your brain stays focused and your body has the nutrients it needs to power through any workout and day-to-day task,” says Karlie.


Eat mini-meals

Since she’s always on-the-go, Karlie snacks throughout the day. “I wanted to find healthy options to fuel my busy days. I have loved learning how to create delicious snacks filled with vitamins, superfoods, and ingredients that support the mechanics of our mind and body in a positive way,” she says. Some of her favorite snacks include almonds, smoothies, and even avocado for some healthy fat.


Take note of how food makes you feel

“If I have a day of indulgences, I find that I feel more sluggish and drained from my day, but when I eat more fresh and clean protein, vegetables, and fruit, I feel more mentally and physically awake,” she says. Just taking note of how food impacts your overall wellbeing can be enough to make you seek out the good stuff and forgo the crap. “It’s a fact that nutritious snacks and meals give you clean energy, and that more sugary and processed foods make you more tired,” she adds.


Plan ahead

“If I’m going to have a long day on set, I plan my meals ahead of time so that my body is fueled with the most nutritious proteins and vitamins it needs to make it through the day,” Karlie explains. Check out this quick-and-easy one week meal plan for your own inspiration!

Have go-to meals

When you have a lineup of healthy options for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, it’s easier to skip the fast food or junk food. Experiment in the kitchen and create your own roster of easy weekday recipes. “My favorite foods include egg white and spinach omelets, salmon, chocolate vegan protein shakes, and steamed vegetables,” says Karlie. “I love having a smoothie for breakfast or in-between meals, since it’s packed with nutrients that my mind and body can absorb quickly to stay focused,” she adds.

Drink like a fish


Water that is! “I drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush out toxins,” Karlie says. H2O can also help keep you full so you’ll be less inclined to reach for the donut in that Monday morning meeting.

Choose your indulgences wisely

Learning to indulge in moderation is important and making room for foods like cookies from time to time can actually help you to stay on track with healthy eating overall. “I currently have an obsession with Halo Top ice cream. There’s nothing like indulging in a chocolate craving, and the almond milk ice cream and dark chocolate are my kryptonite. That said, I try to manage my sweet tooth since I don’t always feel my best when I eat too much sugar.”

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