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adizero Adios Shoes

Say hello to adidas adizero Adios, the lightweight running shoe built to go fast. Combining groundbreaking adizero speed with energy return, get ready to run with extra spring in your performance.

adidas Adizero Adios Shoes

Leave the long, lazy jog for another day. Lace into adizero Adios shoes when you're ready to pick up the tempo, blast through your plateau and shave seconds off your time. These running shoes are the perfect sneaker for anyone who loves to run, and run with a bit of speed. When you're looking to improve your time, you need ultra-lightweight footwear that provides maximum energy return with every step. adizero Adios sneakers deliver the goods. Their breathable mesh uppers are featherweight and won't slow you down. Snappy Boost and Lightstrike cushioning underfoot return energy with every step, keeping you feeling quick and energized through the later miles. If you're running sprints, you'll have more propulsion and explosive speed when you've got these sneakers on. And if you're simply looking to whittle a few seconds off your time, you'll run with more ease and less exertion in adizero Adios running footwear.

Let's break it down, starting with the cushioning system. When you're running for speed, you want shoes that not only absorb impact, but return energy back to you. That's where adidas Boost cushioning shines, with hundreds of Boost capsules that work together to return energy back to you for a plush, bouncy feel underfoot, whether you're on mile 1 or 10. If you're a runner who prefers a firmer feel, check out adizero Adios running shoes with Lightstrike cushioning. It's ultra-lightweight with a snappy, stiffer feel to help with explosive propulsion when you want to crank up the pace. Runners of all ages and skill levels have definite preferences when it comes to cushioning, and this collection of adizero Adios running footwear covers all the bases. Choose Boost for responsive bounce or Lightstrike for lightweight stiffness and snappy support. You'll get the support and comfort you need to start setting new PRs.

There's another secret weapon in some of these lightweight adizero Adios running sneakers: TORSIONRODS technology. These innovative TPU-material rods provide a bridge between the forefoot and the rear foot, adding support for the midsole that helps the foot roll off more easily when running. This increases efficiency – and, by extension, speed. As for the uppers, adizero Adios footwear is made with breathable, stretchy mesh, which delivers several benefits. First, breathability means your feet won't get sweaty and uncomfortable as you pound the pavement. Second, the stretchy material wraps and flexes around your foot, so you feel like you're wearing a second skin. And third, the mesh is ultra-lightweight while still supportive, so it gives your feet everything they need without adding additional ounces that can slow you down. adizero Adios sneakers come with Continental™ Rubber outsoles, delivering lightweight and reliable traction on a variety of surfaces and in all types of conditions, so you won't have to worry about slipping around tight corners or falling off your pace on slick pavement.

This collection is chock full of performance technology, but that doesn't mean we forgot about style. adizero Adios running sneakers don't just support fast running; they look sleek and slick in a variety of styles and colors, so you'll make a statement at the gym or on the running path. With the 3-Stripes displayed loud and proud, you'll make sure everyone knows where your brand loyalty lies. Wake up your look in a pair of bright turquoise or pink sneakers, paired with monochromatic black or dark grey tights and shirts. Or go for a subtle yet stylish vibe in white, grey or black styles. Stave off fatigue, look sharp and pick up your speed. Whether you're training for a marathon or just trying to improve your 5K time, these shoes are a great choice for runners of all levels. So, what are you waiting for? Order your pair of adidas adizero Adios shoes today.