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Adizero Adios Running Shoes

Lightweight and tuned for speed, adizero running shoes from adidas help you find your fast.

adidas Adizero Running Shoes

Welcome to the next level of fast. Whether you're setting a new goal or standing at the starting line of a race, adidas adizero running shoes set you up to tackle every piece of a full training cycle. Speed is key with these training and racing shoes, and it all hinges on their lightweight design that never bogs you down. Mesh uppers not only wrap your feet with distraction-free support, but they also offer enhanced airflow so you feel a cool breeze with every step. Minimalism makes all the difference when you're on the course, because every ounce shaved off your shoe helps you shave seconds off of your fastest time.

Whether you're running a 5K or a fast marathon, you can push your pace with the support of ultralight cushioning. Lightstrike cushioning makes fast even faster, and Lightstrike Pro cushioning helps maintain energy over long distances. Lightstrike Pro+ cushioning combines Lightstrike Pro and Lightstrike EVA for extra resilience and propulsion. Add in ENERGYRODS or Energy Blades, and you get increased stiffness that limits energy loss to propel you forward. TorsionRODS paired with featherlight cushioning deliver a snappy propulsive feel. Whether you're looking for shoes to train in or sneakers to champion your race to the podium, we have the shoes that are tuned for speed to take you there faster. Shop adizero running shoes today.