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adicolor Clothing Collection


adidas adicolor clothing is a modern take on classic adidas looks, with apparel that tells the story of the Three Stripes with every design.


Rediscover your colors with the new season of adicolor. Featuring new takes on classic styles - perfect for a style re-set this summer.
Adicolor Classics Cropped Hoodie
Roller Crew Socks 3 Pairs
Superstar Shoes
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Crewneck Sweatshirt
Trefoil No-Show Socks 6 Pairs
Superstar Shoes
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Hoodie
Adicolor Classics Roll-Up Sleeve Crop Top
Adicolor Classic Festival Bag
Superstar Shoes
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Tee
Adicolor Classics High-Waisted Primeblue Short Tights (Plus Size)
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Crewneck Sweatshirt
Adicolor Classics SST Open Hem Tights
Adicolor Neuclassics Tee
Adicolor Classics Primeblue SST Track Pants
Adicolor Split Trefoil Track Pants
Adicolor Classics Primeblue High-Waisted Short Tights
Superstar Shoes
Trefoil No-Show Socks 6 Pairs
Adicolor Classics Flared Leggings (Plus Size)
Adicolor Backpack
Adicolor Classics Tee Dress
Adicolor Classics Trefoil Tee
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Shorts
Adicolor Classics Beckenbauer Primeblue Track Jacket
Adicolor Neuclassics Tee
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Shorts
Adicolor SST Track Pants
Adicolor Essentials Rib Tank Dress
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tee
Adicolor Essentials Short Tights
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tee
Relaxed Strap-Back Hat
Adicolor Classics Primeblue SST Track Jacket
Adicolor Classics Adibreak Track Pants
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tee (Plus Size)
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Hoodie
3-Stripes Shorts
Adicolor Neuclassics Shorts
Adicolor Essentials Trefoil Tank Top
Adicolor Classics Track Pants
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adicolor is adidas Originals’ most iconic apparel concept for men and women. Taking inspiration from where adidas has been, adidas puts a fresh spin on it in this adicolor collection. With bold Trefoil logos on every hoodie, t-shirt or track suit, adicolor tells the story of the Three Stripes.

Cultivated in the 70s, the adicolor concept grew alongside the early 80s hip hop scene when street art and graffiti writing became synonymous. Creativity and self-expression defined the ‘83 launch of the all-white adicolor shoes accompanied by a set of bold-colored markers. Today, adicolor transcends cultures and eras, redefining itself in new contexts.


The history of collaborations with globally known street artists and pop culture icons shaped the heritage of adicolor’s clothing and shoes, anchoring the line in cult status. A 2007 adicolor release stood out for its mixed use of bold and neon colors, premium materials and textures—delivering a multi textile collection of low and hi profile shoes. adicolor became an origin inherent without trying to be.


Whether it’s an all-saturated yellow clothing ensemble, a hot red sweatshirt, or green shoes, the 3-Stripes life’s color line produces a fun and warming effect. adicolor collections range from shoes, shorts and pants to hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, trefoil tees and tracksuits. adicolor delivers playful and quirky concepts that become deep and meaningful. Sometimes color blocked, other times monochromatic. But always experimenting, and never taking itself too seriously.


Check out the adidas blog to learn about the best ways to rock red, yellow, green, and blue clothing and accessories and how to add more color to your life.