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They say that yellow is the happiest of all the colours, so imagine yourself walking down the road in your adidas yellow shoes: with a spring in your step and comfy footwear that offers you style, durability and maximum foot protection.
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2 2 Colours Available - See Below Pyrite / Pyrite / Mesa Pyrite / Pyrite / Mesa
Price reduced from OMR 68.00 to OMR 20.40

Men Originals
ZX 22 BOOST Shoes
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2 2 Colours Available - See Below Sand / Cloud White / Yellow Tint Sand / Cloud White / Yellow Tint
Price reduced from OMR 43.75 to OMR 19.69

Women Originals
adidas Adilette Comfort x LEGO® Slides
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2 2 Colours Available - See Below Eqt Yellow / Core White / Green Eqt Yellow / Core White / Green
Price reduced from OMR 18.75 to OMR 13.13

Kids 4-8 Years Sportswear

Your adidas yellow shoes are your ray of pure sunshine

Anybody can wear a shoe, and most of the seven billion-plus humans on earth do. But how does it make them feel, do they make an impression as they slide on by in style, and are their feet happy, snug and protected? The short answer is no. But the minute you don a pair of adidas yellow shoes, all that changes. The iconic 3-Stripes design shows that you're fashion-conscious, and you know a thing or two about looking good. Your yellow footwear is green, too: heel counters in the rigid base are constructed from materials such as recycled polystyrene, making your footwear sustainable whilst protecting your heels as you walk.

The adidas yellow footwear is your partner in wellness

Whatever your reason for wearing your adidas yellow footwear, your feet are what keep you standing up strong, and you're gonna need them for the rest of your days on the planet. The adidas yellow shoe has been designed with your feet's protection in mind. It is comfortable and flexible yet offers enough firmness to stabilise your feet as you walk, dance, run, play or chill. And it is durable, so you can wear it again and again, without worrying that you'll be wearing it out.

The adidas yellow shoes go well with just about anything

Some days, you just want to quickly slip on a pair of shoes to grab some groceries down the road. But that doesn't mean you need to look uncool. Yellow goes with just about any colour, and as you don your adidas yellow footwear, it really makes your feet pop. On other days you might want to be inspired by the colour as you raise your feet in a gym workout, a dance class, or a Crossfit sweat-up. The yellow will lift your spirits as you push your body to new heights and whip your booty into shape.