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Sketch of Wallrunner

So cushy, you can run into a wall


Wallrunner is crafted from adidas Originals’ iconic trefoil. Cushy and comfy, it’s a material concoction of fairy floss, answered wens, feathers, your favourite teddy, virtual hugs—and the feeling you get when the !floor price is up. You name it, Wallrunner is made from it. The trefoil’s three leaves represent the three different continents where adidas products were sold in 1972. We’ve come a long way since then—and the infinite trefoils represent the infinite nature of where the adidas community now exists: the metaverse. Dress up in Wallrunner: a trait so cushy, you can run through walls without feeling a scratch.


20% Answered wens, 20% Feathers, 20% Hugs, 100% adidas


Bouncy collisionsForce-proofClumsy-proof

Gene variants

SL '72 CushSolar Lime CushDisco Orange Cush

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