Ditch Distractions to Raise the Game in American Football

Exploring positive reinforcement effects, Dak Prescott showcases base layer innovation wearing ALPHASKIN.

Gearing up in the locker room, ALPHASKIN base layer signifies the shift from off-pitch to sport mode. Connecting physical compression with positive self-talk for athletes to maintain focus on the workout or game ahead.
Stress damages your game. Practised deliberately and regularly positive associations work by recoding chemical pathways in the brain. Replacing negative responses, positive affirmations switch up stress-levels into fuel for prime performance.

Good vibes only. Reprogram reality in-game with positive reinforcements.

Discover top tips from experts EXOS using positive psychology to form winning habits from training to the gridiron:

REP FOR SUCCESS. Strengthening brain pathways with every repetition, form a habit in approximately fifty reps. Next time you score that touchline, practise positive self-talk as a reward; it’s the first step to creating a mental habit for success.

AN INTRICATE MACHINE. Linking certain words or phrases with key movements or feelings the brain is able to recall mental and physical states on command. Try reciting a mantra or set of positive affirmations next time you’re in that post-goal glow. When you’re feeling threatened by criticism or failure, simply repeating the mantra the brain shifts the body into experiencing the positive state once again.
WORST BEHAVIOUR. Behaviours get stronger and easier to repeat often when followed by positive reinforcement. Next time you’re being hard on yourself, flip that down-talk on its head. Switching up negatives into fuel for positive development marks the difference between winners and losers on field.

Alphaskin_baselayer_DakPrescott_AmericanFootball_2REPROGRAM REALITY. Be sure to override any bad experiences on pitch with positives counter-strikes. Missed a shot? Focus on your killer technical skills in the build up. When that memory resurfaces, it takes on the newly programmed positive meaning. Boosting confidence positive associations have you prepped ready for nailing the next. Game changer.

MEDITATE IN WINNING. Positive reinforcement techniques train the brain to notice thoughts and emotions without reacting or judging. A calm mind clears the way for balanced decisions on field; lowering stress levels and staying composed, energy is reserved for planning the next big move.

TELL THE LITTLE VOICE WHO'S BOSS. Becoming aware of internal-self talk and noticing the effect it has on your game is the first step to mastering the mind. You are not your thoughts. Correcting any negative self-talk - and encouraging the positive - is the key to control, allowing you to be the great assist on a clever pass and present, every time. Alphaskin_baselayer_DakPrescott_AmericanFootball_3

ALPHASKIN ditches distractions to focus on-field

From locker room to gridiron, ALPHASKIN provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin. Select the base layer suited to your compression needs:

ALPHASKIN 360: For highest compression, gear up in ALPHASKIN 360 base layer. Flat bonded, reflective seams wrap around the moving body to provide a distraction-free fit with a locked in feel.

ALPHASKIN TECH: For the ultimate temperature control, it's ALPHASKIN Tech base layer. CLIMACHILL technology is super cool and dry for the hottest workouts while mid level compression delivers a smooth, stabilising feel.

ALPHASKIN SPORT: For light compression with CLIMACOOL technology choose ALPHASKIN Sport base layer. Fresh and dry, feel supported in a full range of movements.
Performance layer beyond sports essentials.
ALPHASKIN kinetic wrapping provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin.