Ditch Distractions to Raise the Game in Basketball

Known for their prowess from wing to hoop, basketball players Damian Lillard and Nneka Ogwumike showcase base layer innovation wearing ALPHASKIN.

Removing distractions that reduce focus from play, ALPHASKIN kinetic wrapping locks the body in place. With performance layer innovation covered, your mind is free to create on court.
Humans receive signals from all five senses every waking moment, sending complex messages to the brain for processing. Protecting from overload, the brain auto-filters information to best direct attention, where it's needed most.

Aware and alert on court. Hacking attention styles, playmakers focus on changing the game.

Knowing how to hack attention depending on the situation is key to finding full flow in play. Follow these tips from EXOS to maximise awareness on-court:

OVERCOMPENSATE FOR WEAKNESSES. Whether shooting, rebounding or concentrating on defence, matching attention to current play is key to full focus. Work on understanding where to focus attention is essential on the basketball court. This way, the only straight-lines are on the floor, not to your vision.

BECOME THE WATCHER. Like a mental mirror, be aware of the mind watching itself. Begin to understand your attention span - how long it takes before focus drops and you retreat inside - you’ll remain mentally energised from first to last whistle.
SMASH THE SINGLE TASK. In training, practise focusing attention on a single thought or task; proven to be more effective for performance than constant multitasking. Shutting down sensory systems is also key to protecting from distractions. Next time dribbling to a fast cut, try blocking out crowd noise to focus on the sound of the ball bouncing alone. Single task focus; it’s much harder than it sounds.

Alphaskin_baselayer_dame_basketball_2BE SELECTIVE WITH ATTENTION. Bringing awareness strictly where it’s required frees up mental energy to fully focus on the task at hand. In basketball practise the difference between soft centering - a broard left to right attention sweep; like a three on two fast break - and fine centering - narrowing the focus to a single point; think all eyes on the basket when shooting.

DIGITAL DETOX. Sensory overload from constant notifications is a bi-product of our busy lives; the average adult attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s. Try turning off your phone and stepping away from the screen, laying or sitting in a low-lit room free of noise for at least 15 minutes a day. Shutting down key sensory systems gives the brain a break; to process and integrate the game or training session, focussing on goals ahead. Alphaskin_baselayer_nneka_basketball_3

ALPHASKIN ditches distractions to focus on-court

ALPHASKIN base layer provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin. Select the base layer suited to your compression needs: 

ALPHASKIN 360: For highest compression, gear up in ALPHASKIN 360 base layer. Flat bonded, reflective seams wrap around the moving body to provide a distraction-free fit with a locked in feel.

ALPHASKIN TECH: For the ultimate temperature control, it's ALPHASKIN Tech base layer. CLIMACHILL technology is super cool and dry for the hottest workouts while mid level compression delivers a smooth, stabilising feel.

ALPHASKIN SPORT: For light compression with CLIMACOOL technology choose ALPHASKIN Sport base layer. Fresh and dry, feel supported in a full range of movements.
Performance layer beyond sports essentials.
ALPHASKIN kinetic wrapping provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin.