Ditch Distractions to Raise the Game in Football

Switching between mind body connection Luis Suarez showcases base layer innovation wearing ALPHASKIN.

ALPHASKIN base layer ditches distractions to maximise focus in-game. Training or on-pitch, kinetic wrapping provides familiar comfort on skin. adidas covers performance layer innovation, freeing your mind to create the football of tomorrow.
Putting in work upfront, master movements so they’re second nature; on-command recall is how creators own opponents on-pitch. Minimising thinking time short circuits the body’s stress response, increasing the flow state. From here the body’s ability to regulate itself improves, so you’re mentally and physically prepared for whatever the game throws.

Control your thoughts to own your opponents. The pitch becomes a playground in full flow.

Follow EXOS’s mindfulness exercise tips to improve the mind body connection:

BREATHE THROUGH IT. When stress levels are high always return to your breath. Keep it slow and even; moving from shallow chest breathing down to engage abdominal muscles and lower heart-rate. Taking a few seconds to yourself at half-time or short game-breaks, find focus in that familiar locked-in feeling. Blocking out off-pitch stressors you’re free to create your best game, every time.

DIRECT ATTENTION, ON DEMAND. Practise alternating between body and mind awareness as the game dictates. Start with mental preparation, ALPHASKIN represents the shift between off-pitch and game-mode. Move to body awareness warming up physically, noticing internal focus again on ball-handling and shooting. The quicker the switch between your own body and wider field perspective, the greater command you’ll have of yourself and the game.
BODY SCAN TECHNIQUE. Laying flat in a quiet space, starting at the head, work clockwise around the body to consciously relax each part. Directing awareness to different muscle groups notice what sensations come up. Don’t judge - just become familiar with how they feel. With practise using mindfulness techniques you’ll be able to auto-adjust tense muscles or shallow breathing in-game simply by directing mindful attention, all helping to own that tackle or nail the killer shot on pitch.

Alphaskin_baselayer_Suarez_football_2OWN IN-GAME EMOTIONS. Lowering stress levels increases a feeling of flow; mindfulness training is vital for controlling reactions on-pitch. Game pressure on and anxiety peaking - when the opposition provokes with a shady tackle - you’ll be adept at switching into no-mind, able to take the shot or receive the pass from a calm and level mental playing field.

FUEL FOR THOUGHT. Beyond mind affecting body, what we fuel our physical self with impacts our mental state. A diet full of antioxidants and carotenoids is ideal to boost brain power, aiding memory and mental performance - think leafy green vegetables, blueberries and fatty fish rich in omega-3. The right nutrition stimulates blood-flow and oxygen to the brain for better all-round awareness.Alphaskin_baselayer_Suarez_football_3

ALPHASKIN ditches distractions to focus in-game

Home or away, ALPHASKIN provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin. Select the base layer suited to your compression needs:

ALPHASKIN 360: For highest compression, gear up in ALPHASKIN 360 base layer. Flat bonded, reflective seams wrap around the moving body to provide a distraction-free fit with a locked in feel.

ALPHASKIN TECH: For the ultimate temperature control, it's ALPHASKIN Tech base layer. CLIMACHILL technology is super cool and dry in the hottest weather while mid level compression delivers a smooth, stabilising feel.

ALPHASKIN SPORT: For light compression with CLIMACOOL technology choose ALPHASKIN Sport base layer. Cool and dry in the hottest weather, supported in a full range of movements.
Performance layer beyond sports essentials.
ALPHASKIN kinetic wrapping provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin.