Ditch Distractions to Raise the Game in Training

Meditation training techniques prepare the mind to handle and thrive, in daily life. Karlie Kloss showcases base layer innovation wearing ALPHASKIN.

Leaving behind the daily grind, changing into ALPHASKIN signals a shift into meditation mode. Whether slower-tempo weights or fast-paced HIIT, fuss-free compression brings awareness inside to focus on the session.
Reducing stress; improving concentration; increasing self-awareness and acceptance; slowing ageing to name a few benefits, whether guided or sleep meditation, yoga or mindfulness training, meditation is the key to heightened awareness on and off the mat.

Free and simple, meditation builds mental resilience to coping with the challenges life throws.

A relaxed mind is essential to a healthy body. EXOS provides the meditation 101 from the studio and beyond:

THE TIME IS NOW. Daily stresses accumulate from regrets about the past and anxieties about the future. The only moment that exists is the present second. Meditation trains the mind into acceptance; focusing your mind on the current activity, bring complete awareness to the here and now.

PERSONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Learning to release tension liberates energy that no longer serves you, channeling it into more positive uses. Moving with the ebb and flow of a busy life, feel the benefits of meditation way beyond the training session.
SURRENDER. Tuning to your internal voice is crucial to understanding your needs and how to go about achieving them. But don’t allow it to boss your body around. Whether for the training session ahead, or a specific exercise, quietening your mind and letting the body take over is a game-changer for breaking through the ‘can’t do’ mentality.

Alphaskin_baselayer_KarlieKloss_VFA_2MEDITATION EVERYWHERE. Training right, practise meditation with every exercise. When you meet resistance and the mind tells you to give up, learn to separate from your thoughts. Observe them arriving and passing - not judging, just becoming aware - letting your body calmly take over the work.

SELF PRESERVATION. Like building physical strength each time you hit the studio or weights-room, meditation builds mental resilience to coping with the challenges life throws. Experiencing lower pain and higher self-acceptance, a commitment to meditation is worth making.

ALPHASKIN ditches distractions to focus in-game

Home or away, ALPHASKIN provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin. Select the base layer suited to your compression needs:

ALPHASKIN 360: For highest compression, gear up in ALPHASKIN 360 base layer. Flat bonded, reflective seams wrap around the moving body to provide a distraction-free fit with a locked in feel.

ALPHASKIN TECH: For the ultimate temperature control, it's ALPHASKIN Tech base layer. CLIMACHILL technology is super cool and dry for the hottest workouts while mid level compression delivers a smooth, stabilising feel.

ALPHASKIN SPORT: For light compression with CLIMACOOL technology choose ALPHASKIN Sport base layer. Fresh and dry, feel supported in a full range of movements.
Performance layer beyond sports essentials.
ALPHASKIN kinetic wrapping provides familiar locked-in comfort on skin.