Sleep Better Tonight

One thing that all successful athletes and fitness enthusiasts have in common: they know the importance of a good night’s sleep (or even a nap). Your body releases growth hormone while you sleep which helps to repair muscles while many other beneficial physiological processes take place simultaneously.

Some elite athletes are even known to sleep more than nine hours a night. But if you don’t have that kind of time, it’s about maximizing the time you do have between the sheets. The adidas All Day app is packed with discoveries to help you do just that. Download the app for the full experience but here are a few tips to get you started.

Your new pre-bed routine:

First, do five minutes of yoga

The ancient practice has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety. That, in turn, could help you to relax and fall asleep faster. Plus, studies show that moderate exercise (yes, yoga qualifies!) can improve the quality of your shut-eye. The best part: All you need is five minutes before bed. Download the Yoga for Bedtime Discovery in the All Day app for yoga routines curated specifically for improving sleep by yoga teacher Mary Beth LaRue.

Then, crank down the AC

Experts say that higher temperatures could negatively impact sleep quality and time. So, right before bed, turn the air conditioner down to 70 degrees or lower to help your body temperature drop and settle into slumber more easily. Pile on a blanket that you can toss off if you start out chilly.

Next, spritz your pillow with some lavender spray

Studies show that lavender oil could be related to better sleep. Buy a pillow spray and use it before bed to help get your mind in that bedtime space. (To get daily sleep-better tips like this one download the ZZZ Training Discovery in the All Day app.)

Sleep Better Tonight

Put away all of your electronics

That includes e-readers! The blue light emitted from the television, your computer, and even those electronic readers can make it harder for you to fall sleep, according to research. Make it a habit to power everything down an hour before you plan to turn off the lights.

Settle in with a nice, boring story.

Yep, seriously. Hear us out on this one: You know how you start to drift off during a boring work meeting or college lecture? That’s a time when you could actually use more energy – and not appropriate to fall asleep! But, we can apply this tool to bedtime. Pick up a book that isn’t super riveting or, better yet, download the Boring Stories Discovery in the All Day app to be lulled to sleep by a narrator.

Or, turn on some tunes.

Alternatively, cue up some relaxing music. Research shows that listening to music can help improve rest rating scores and REM sleep in people who have insomnia symptoms. DJ Nina Las Vegas has created seven different one-hour pre-sleep tracks just for this purpose. Try one out in the Sleep Sounds: Drift Discovery in the All Day app.