How to Maintain Your Body Temp During a Run

Extreme weather – heat, cold, snow, or even intense spring rain – can mess with you during a workout, mentally and physically. But if we let the elements dictate our exercise schedules, we wouldn’t be nearly as fit. In fact, adidas influencer Robin Arzon says that standing up to “bad” weather will actually make you a stronger athlete. Research backs this up. A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine out of the University of Birmingham in England, found that you build up a tolerance to hot-weather exercise the more you do it.

How to Maintain Your Body Temp During a Run

Still, when you stand up to anything – a cause, a person, an element – you need to be prepared. Science shows that your performance can be impacted by working out in high temperatures, which is probably something you don’t need a lab to figure out. On those days when the sun is beating down and the sweat runs like little rivers off your nose and down your thighs, you just can’t hit the same speeds or stay out there for as long as you do in the spring and fall.

It makes sense when you consider that, during strenuous exercise, your body’s heat production can exceed 1000 watts, per the University of Birmingham researchers. Some of that heat is released via sweat. “Your body cools itself by sweating as natural process,” explains Kerry Greer, an expert with EXOS. But, you also store some of this heat which spikes your internal temperature. According to adidas, athletes perform best when their body temp is 37 degrees Celsius (about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) . So, that means it’s best to do whatever you can to maintain that number.

Here are three ways to aid your body’s natural cooling process so you can get through the hottest of workouts this summer.

How to Maintain Your Body Temp During a Run

1. Gear Up Right

“Choosing the right clothing can help your body to find a state of temperature homeostasis by allowing it to release the heat it needs to through sweating but also not allowing it to cool down too much,” says Kerry Greer, an expert with EXOS. The gear in adidas’ new Climachill collection is designed to help you maintain that equilibrium and keep you “super cool and dry in the hottest weather,” they say. In fact, they used that 37 degree body temp science in their development process.

2. Try Mid-Cooling

A new study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that “mid-cooling” in the middle of your workout, is an effective strategy for improving performance. The subjects in the study used a facial spray in the middle of a treadmill workout if you want to follow their lead – or splash water from a cup on your face mid race.

3. Drink Up

“Hydration is another part of training in weather that can make or break your performance,” says Greer. “Without being hydrated your body will not be able to sweat as efficiently therefore not allowing it to regulate your core temperature.” If you’re going to be out there for longer than an hour, especially if it’s hot, invest in a handheld water bottle or a belted one so you can take your H20 on the run.