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Youth • White • Originals

(8 Products)

Stan Smith Shoes Kids Unisex Originals
$ 65
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Veritas Mid Shoes Kids Unisex Originals
$ 70
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Star Wars Archive Tee Boys Originals
$ 30
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Printed Trefoil Tee Girls Originals
$ 30
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Superstar Tee Girls Originals
$ 24
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Reviews for:Youth White Originals

81 reviews
Superstar Foundation Shoes An Old schoolers win
October 11 2015

If you look at these shoes from the upcoming style perspective they're perfect they go with so many outfits seasonal and your own. You can put them on with brightest colors to the dullest. They go with almost anything. If your into bringing back the 90's I totally recommend these. ... read more

Yungbills, East coast,USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love them-sizing is difficult
October 09 2015

The shipping was very fast, im a womens 7 and i ordered a kids 4.5 the front was very tight not sure if they need some breaking into or i might just have to exchnage them for a size 5 but i dont want them to be too big.Overall i love the snaeker ... read more

CourtG, Fl go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes SUPERSTARS ROCK!
October 08 2015

I am so in love with these shoes! I wear a woman's size 6.5. I order Youth size 4. They fit perfectly. If you normally wear a 1/2 size I would recommend ordering a size down. These fit on the larger side. I have just enough room in the size 4. You can dress up or go casual in these. I absolutely love this classic style. Thank goodness Adidas keeps making it ... read more

TJVANOS, Seattle WA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes too small
October 07 2015

i usually wear a size 6-6 1/2 womens but before ordering i read reveiws that said to order a 1/2 size down so i ordered a childrens 4 and they are a little small. i am going to send them back and order a 4 1/2 and hopefully they will fit ... read more

dani1235 go to product
Veritas Mid Shoes Nice but ruined after 1st wearing
October 06 2015

These trainers are nice and designed for slim feet and very soft and comfortable, from what my 8 year old son has told me. I always buy my kids addidas and unfortunately these didn't stand up to the quality from previous buys. After the 1st wearing out the black rim around the shoe had rubbed off making them look terrible. Only good thing was they are very soft and comfortable. ... read more

Tash50, London go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love them!
September 22 2015

I love these shoes. Only downside is I had to order youth size and I couldn't find them in any store, I had to get them online and they are never discounted (probably because of popularity). They fit really well though! Highly recommend. I wear them to work (retail) so I don't get them dirty. I wouldn't wear them outside though. I gotta keep them clean and perfect :) ... read more

SarahShoes0, Fairfax, VA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love the shoes
September 14 2015

Shoe's run a whole size bigger. I am a 7 1/2 in women's shoe size and usually a 6 or 6 1/2 in men size but, with the adidas superstar kids size i got size 5.5 and it fit perfect. I would recommend getting a whole size smaller or half size smaller. So if your a size 8 in women i suggest you get 6 1/2 in the adidas superstar. ... read more

bm12345, California, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes I love the superstar shoe
September 13 2015

I normally wear 8.5 in woman after reading reviews, I bought 6.5 in kid. It is perfect to fit my feet and very comfortable. I am very strong to recommend the kid superstar shoe to women. I will buy one more it again. ... read more

Qs, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes I love them
September 11 2015

I just recently got my superstars. I'm usually a size 5 in kids shoes however I personally felt that the size 5 was too constricting on my foot since I have extremely wide feet so I went a half size up. They are a little too loose but nothing that a little heel pad couldn't fix. I absolutely love them though. I got the white with black and I am so excited to wear them. ... read more

Happy shopper, New Jersey go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Great purchase!
September 08 2015

The sizing for these superstars are the MOST confusing thing. I'm normally a size 6 and ordered a 4.5 and they're alittle bit big but I can deal with it! I believe that a size 4 would've been better for me :) definetly reccomend getting these shoes 2 sizes smaller! ... read more

Bhtran99, Virginia, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Classic Wardrobe Must!
September 06 2015

Hello! I love love loooove these shoes! it's a classic must have! I used to have them for school and then I recently decided to buy another pair! I am a women's size 6 or 6 1/2. I ordered a 6 and they were waaaay too big! I returned them right away. I went to Footlocker and I was so surprised they had sizes! I got a size kids 4 and they fit perfectly! I def recommend trying them on in store. overall love these shoes, but so surprised they run so big. :( ... read more

Kacey B, NorCal go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes LOVE THEM
September 04 2015

I got these shoes and I absolutely loved them as soon as I saw them, they're comfortable, stylish and cool. I'm a girl and I usually wear between a 8.5 and a 9 but a 6.5 fit perfectly on me! I would recommend these to everyone!! ... read more

Abby99, New Mexico, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love these shoes!!!
September 01 2015

I have been waiting for these shoes to come back in stock and they finally did. However, I must warn you about the sizing. They run a little large. I'm usually a size 5.5 or 6 in kids sneaker. But I ordered a size 5 in these and they fit perfect!!! I would suggest getting a full size down if you have narrow feet. However, if your feet is more wide going a 1/2 size down would be better. ... read more

Chrissy_z, New York go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Great shoes BUT go a 1/2 size down
August 25 2015

All white with black stripes. Beautiful shoe and great quality, however, the shoe runs 1/2 size too big. I purchased a size 5y online and was very disappointed about the size when I tried them on. Luckily I was able to return the shoe free of charge via UPS.I planned on purchasing the shoe again at a smaller size, but they didn't have it in stock. ... read more

Linda K, Nashville, TN go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes LOVE THESE SHOES
August 23 2015

I've looked everywhere since June to find these shoes. They were out of stock in my size at the mall and online. I finally got mine. I recommend getting a full size down. I am a 6 in women. I got a 5 in my superstars and they're still a little big. I was going to get 4.5 but they were out of stock. But I'm so happy I finally got these shoes before school starts! ... read more

Juicepouch, Maryland, US go to product
Stan Smith Shoes Junior Sizing for Adult Little Feet (Size 4)
August 18 2015

In footwear depending on the store I can either be a 3.5 or a 4 - so I ordered both sizes. I can confirm that these trainers are true 3.5 as they nipped my toes and I had to return them. Hope this helps.... The size 4 are great - I love these trainers, an absolute classic!!! ... read more

GrooveJet go to product
Stan Smith Shoes Great product, unfortunate order
August 12 2015

I unfortunately ordered the Junior shoes instead of the adult model. While they fit me perfectly, they are a slightly different design from the adult model (one less lace hole for example) and so I chose to return them and buy the adult model, which are fantastic! ... read more

Verity, London, UK go to product
Stan Smith Shoes Love my Stan Smith's!
August 09 2015

Fantastic shoe at a great price! The trick with Adidas is knowing your correct size because they normally run about a half size too large. Highly recommend this forever classic since it goes with just about anything! ... read more

Usredbird, Southlake, Texas go to product
Veritas Mid Shoes love the shoes
August 07 2015

these shoes are so confortable! my kids love them i personally fit into my oldest shoe and the sole of the shoe makes u feel like ur walking on heaven :) the style is beautiful. i want to get myself a pair. ... read more

stephanyMiranda, boston go to product
Stan Smith Shoes Happy with these sneaks
August 05 2015

I've been hunting these down in my size for several months and was thrilled they were finally back in stock. I love the style although they do run big, and figuring out women's size versus men's or kids is very confusing. I usually wear 7.5 and bought a size 6. It's still a bit big, but with thicker socks they fit ok. The heel tab is a bit too high as it rubs against the back of my heel. ... read more

Shoegal72, San Francisco, USA go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes superstar kids shoes - black with white stripes
July 13 2015

Your sizing has changed since my last pair and size 5.0 superstar shoe was right for me. The new pair ordered was 5.5 and still too small. Delays created from any re-purchasing of another size not possible and I had to go to local stores for my next pair of sneakers. Also did not like the gold tongue tag or the gold writing on the side. I prefer the black and white tongue label on the shoe tongue and no superstar writing as my old original shoes had no writing. I am hopeful when I need my next pair that the true original superstar model without gold colors and writing on them will return and I'll try a size 6 next time. Hopefully they will fit me like my old size 5 fit me. Normally I recommend the sneakers but could not get the right size in time for my needs. Hopefully next time I will find what I want and as have purchased for many years in the past, just don't change the sizing again and bring back the old true original black with white stripes--no gold and no writing of superstar. ... read more

Trace007, NYC, NY go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Love the shoes
July 04 2015

I was looking for a pair of adidas superstar and was really sad that i couldn't find any locally (I'm from Singapore) so i decided to try searching for it online. After reading a very helpful review from here, i decided to go ahead and purchase the shoe in kids size. I'm usually a US7.5-8 (mostly 8) and i read that kids sizing and women sizing are the same so i decided to go one size down and I got the largest kid size - US 7. When they shoes arrived, they were a little too big and in the tag it says UK 6.5. I'm usually a UK 5. so indeed, the shoes ran big. My friend got a pair of women superstar in UK 5, and it is even smaller than my kid sized shoe. My advice would we that you might be able to go down approx 1.5 - 2 size smaller? But at least get one size smaller. The shoes are realllyyyyyy adorable, so if you're hesitating, just go for it ;) you won't regret! I love my shoes and i'd go for the shoe with black stripes as well however, they seem to be OOS everywhere! I've included a pic with both our shoes in the pic, UK5 and kids US 7 (tagged UK6.5) for everyone's reference. Hope it helps and enjoy your superstar! ... read more

Veewhyextee, Singapore go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes So cute!
June 22 2015

I'm 23 years old but fortunately I have very small feet so I can fit children size shoes. I love my white with pink strips adidas sneakers. They are so comfortable and I get complements whenever I wear them! :) I'm very happy with them. ... read more

Aki, Manhattan, New York go to product
Superstar Foundation Shoes Best white sneakers!!
May 10 2015

I am an adult female. However, when I got to the Adidas store at southcoast plaza, they offered me this kids unisex superstar instead. The reason why, according to the store, is that the women superstar and this kids unisex superstar are the same. So, let say I am a 6.5 in women, I would be 5 in kids. P.S. Only this $70 kids superstar looks the same with the adult superstar. The $55 kids superstar DOES NOT LOOK NOT THE SAME. The $55 is bulky and short. For sizing, the superstar runs ONE WHOLE SIZE bigger. I ended up with a 4 in kids (5.5 in women) However, I see that some people say it runs 1/2 size bigger. Just try it on, if you could. It might be 1/2 size bigger or one whole size bigger for you. Depends on the person, I guess. ... read more

hollowpalvin, U.S go to product
Stan Smith Shoes my sister likes it
March 03 2015

I bought it for my sister gift. she has a JP220 size, so I couldn't get an adult size. I decided to buy Junior size when I considered others reviews that stan smith shoes are slightly big. she likes it, loves it, and enjoys it. ... read more

pearlchoi, Seoul,KR go to product
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