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Micoach SMART RUN Watch Training
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Micoach FIT SMART Training
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Micoach FIT SMART Training
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Aberdeen Watch Originals
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101 reviews
Micoach SMART RUN Watch great job Adidas!
November 05 2013

I've been using the miCoach mobile app for a long time now because it's the only app that delivers the coaching I need to keep me on track in my training program. of course carrying the phone is cumbersome and I'm not a big fan of the arm bands when i run, so when I saw smart run i was delighted. first run with it was fantastic. It was pretty easy to set up and syncing to my account went smooth. getting heart rate AND coaching all from this one device is superb, but adding the the Bluetooth connection for music really tied it all together for me! ... read more

neonrunner78 go to product
Micoach FIT SMART Simple and Effective
October 29 2014

I have been using the FIT Smart for several weeks now and it has exceeded my expectations. After playing with the watch for about 15 minutes I was able to get a good handle on the interface, which is very simple. It has three buttons, a multi-purpose "select/home" button and two scrolling buttons. What I really like about the watch is that it doesn't have excess features that you won't want to use. It has several useful modes (assessment, free workout, planned workout) and that's it. Simple. Syncing with your MiCoach app is done via bluetooth. The watch actually looks pretty good too. I have a black watch and wear it most places. The watch is almost entirely covered in rubber and is easy to keep clean. From the coach perspective, I have used these watches with my athletes to prescribe them workouts during their off days or when rehabbing injuries. You have to create a MiCoach profile for them, but after you do that, it is easy to have them do the assessment workout and then assign them conditioning based on their HR zones. Just an FYI it seems to work better to run the assessment test outside as opposed to on a treadmill. Regardless, you may want to run the assessment several times before using the HR zones. This will allow you to get the most out of the test. ... read more

SoccerS&C, Los Angeles, CA go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Has the hardware, but software needs to catch up
November 10 2013

Let me start off first by saying. Adidas has done what nobody else has. This watch has everything you could want in a fitness watch. It has almost resolved all the issues of the MotoActiv. The only let down and this is my opinion is closed software. This would have suited my purpose if it could be a hybrid fitness tracker and monitor steps + HR. This would totally removed the need of a second device. I don't know if this will be implemented in the future, but it would appeal to more people if the HRM could be used 24/7. Maybe the battery is the limiting factor. ... read more

Witcher go to product
Micoach FIT SMART Love the Simplicity
October 22 2014

I love this product. I had the "Zone" when it came out and loved the simplicity of that for training and now they have came out with a better version that easily syncs to my iphone to download all my stats for review later. The changing colors relative to your HR zones is great, as well as the overall ease of use and simplicity. I even got one for my wife and she is so not tech savy at all, and she also likes how simple and easy it is. That says a lot..... If there was one critic is that the large band is really large and I should have got the small as there is no medium I believe. Other than that love the product. Keep up the good work. ... read more

Tahoenorman, Lake Tahoe, CA USA go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Very happy
November 14 2013

I've been using the smart run and micoach to train for a marathon for 8 days now and I am already starting to see an improvement in my performance. Setup was simple and the micoach website is easy to use. Battery life isn't great, but fair considering all the things the smart run is doing while you run. A half marathon (with music) took it from 92% to 36% charge. On the plus side it charges quickly so just remember to top it up each evening after you run. The HRM works well and it takes the GPS about a minute to get a fix before you start each workout. The wifi sync is a nice feature as well. It won't replace your day to day watch, but if you have a serious training goal in mind, then it's a fantastic tool. ... read more

jonnydeluxe, London go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Good Start - Not ready
November 25 2013

The watch does everything it promises with out fault...battery life. I am very active and would want to track heart rate and calories burned often. The battery just cannot keep up with me. If they get that right, this will be a fantastic product. The largest concern when I bought it was will the heart rate monitor be accurate. It is. I was very pleased with the accuracy and the fact that I did not have to wear the watch to tight to get a reading. Good start Adidas. Just address that battery life and you will have a five start product.. ... read more

go to product
Micoach FIT SMART Great training tool
October 22 2014

I found the FitSmart to be a great tool to keep me constantly updated throughout my training sessions. Not having to deal with a chest strap to monitor my heart rate was a great appeal, and for runs, the FitSmart stayed locked in on my heart rate without any problems. I also compared it to my Garmin GPS watch, and the distance reading was identical, so I'm not at all concerned about the lack of GPS function here - no calibration needed either! I also noticed that the FitSmart pretty well nailed my Stride Rate during a run, which was something I wasn't expecting, but was happy to see when I completed my first run. The colored zone indicators are great, even during weight training sessions to keep me working at the right intensities just using the Free workout option. I'm 68" tall, 190lbs, and a medium build, and the Small FitSmart fits me great. The silicone band was slick and comfortable, and the display is pretty cool. I have the White FitSmart, and it draws positive attention at the gym. It pairs well with my Samsung Galaxy S4 - (so happy to have a wearable that syncs w/ Android's OS). The bluetooth Sync is simple, and it's nice that the FitSmart can store a handful of sessions before pairing so I don't have to worry about it until I want to check out the performance graphs. The battery life is pretty great too, I probably charge it once every week or two with moderate training use, and full time use as my go-to watch. The buttons are simple - having only 3 buttons to push reduces my chances of getting too far removed from whatever I'm trying to accomplish w/ the device. All in all - I'd say this is a great addition to my training tools, I love the immediate feedback of HR, but even more, I love the Zone Indicator Color, and the fact I don't have to have my phone on me when I train - I can just sync it all later. Great Product, looking forward to updates to the app's graphs after Free workouts, and the HR sensor accuracy while I'm lifting. ... read more

JCXO, Arizona go to product
Micoach FIT SMART Awesome new toy!
October 22 2014

I am a recreational jogger and the miCoach FIT SMART training watch for my needs perfectly. While I was on the run the watch displayed my heart rate, distance travelled, total time, and was even able to notify me of my 1km split times. I have used a different heart rate monitor in the past to track my training, but it only gave me a partial view of the run and I had to use a separate app to monitor my distance, splits, and to track my progress in my training regimen. When I got home the watch paired seamlessly to the miCoach app clearly showing me all the data collected by the FIT SMART. I was not only able to see the raw data, but the app charted out my pace, stride rate, and heart rate vs. time so I could easily see where improvements could be made. It even was able to extrapolate and find predicted my 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon times. Just makes me look forward to running! ... read more

Magz001, LA go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Gives me all workout data I need without a chest strap
February 27 2014

As a woman I had ditched heart rate monitors years ago because I found the chest strap very uncomfortable when worn with a bra. I love that Smart Run can measure heart rate from the wrist without needing a strap. I can see all necessary info when running (HR, speed, distance, time) and it fits my small wrist very comfortably. It's handy that Smart Run syncs the data after each workout automatically and the touch screen makes it easy to use without having to memorize what a bunch of buttons do. If only it would come in PINK! :) ... read more

Hanae, Finland go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Good product lacking one key feature
November 22 2013

I very much enjoy this product - great to have both music, heart rate, GPS and stopwatch on your wrist.. One key feature Adidas needs to implement ASAP, however, is a lap timer that restarts the clock every time you press the lap button. This is absolutely crucial for more advanced runners and I am very confused as to why Adidas has not implemented the feature already! ... read more

Callidity, New York, NY, USA go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Nowhere near as bad as some reviews would suggest
March 03 2015

I have had the watch for just over a week and love it. I have had other famous name (for sports) watches before and this is better. The good - seamless automatic uploading to Strava and MicCoach so no messing around at all, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth easy to set up, controls simple and intuitive, screen is clear, information accurate, integration of heart monitoring (I don't like the chest bands), coaching, music uploading and configurability. The bad - battery life, but with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a clear colour screen that's the price you have to pay until the next round of tech innovation. ... read more

ictdave, Cambridgeshire go to product
Micoach FIT SMART Great to have it on Windows Phone
March 01 2015

I was always keen on the Fit Smart and it has now become compatible with Windows Phone. I received my Fit Smart a couple of days ago and have used it twice now for a run and for a gym session along with wearing it as a standby watch. First of all, the fit is really nice, i went with the black colour which i do notice shows up dust but that's not important. The battery life is as good as they say with a half charge lasting four days with two hours of training. I've only used the training in 'Free' mode and it's been great to see my heart rate in the gym. Previously i've used the micoach app on my phone along with the HR strap around my chest. Wearing just the watch is a lot easier. During the run it was great to see my distance and it vibrated each 1km to give me a split update which was very handy. ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Micoach FIT SMART Great New Product! Use it to track all sorts of activities.
October 22 2014

The miCoach FIT SMART was right on with my current needs. I love that when going out for a run it was simple to see exactly where I was and that I was hitting my potential. It was great to get a coached workout that I could sync very simply to the miCoach train & run app following. I did use it to simply track my data during a recreational soccer game which also proved to be very helpful. I got great stats afterwards to help me understand the effort I actually put in and I could compare game to game. This is great for me as I get back into game shape. All in all the features were very simple, the setup was easy, and the band itself was very comfortable both while playing and just going for a run, which made me even more excited to use it. ... read more

Soccer82, United States go to product
Micoach FIT SMART At last
May 07 2015

I bought the fit smart because I wanted a wrist heart rate monitor at a reasonable price. I don't need GPS etc because I already have that on my phone. This watch does exactly what I need it to do, monitor my heart rate (accurately) and tell me when I am in/out of zone by buzzing but not too often to become annoying. So far battery life seems good and it is easy to charge. The wrist strap is very comfortable but I'm not sure how durable it is going to be. The small is a good fit and I do have small wrists definitely buy large if you are male. ... read more

Yecartsk go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Ran Disney Dopey Challenge with it...
January 24 2015

48.6 miles in 4 days with my smart run watch. miCoach products have always been solid for me. The data that returns from the sync of the watch has been huge for me and my running. I was able to use the SMART RUN watch for all 4 races. Charged it at night as I normally would, and used it as a normal watch post race. Ran on low battery (25%) towards the end of the Mickey Marathon, but it was a cloudy rainy day. No matter how you cut the cake, rain and clouds will always strain any wireless device trying to communicate to a satellite. Lots of people complain about the battery, but here is a tip. TURN OFF AUTOSYNC. No need for the device to constantly pinging out to the internet and using battery resources. Manual sync when you are done working out, and you will notice that the battery is actually good. ... read more

Oscar R Carlos, Boston MA go to product
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