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Reviews for: Women Swim sale

73 reviews
adissage Slides Hang in there...
November 21 2015

For the first few days these slides were very painful to wear. I thought I wasn't going to be able to keep them. But I kept on using them with and without socks and eventually it just didn't hurt to wear them anymore. Now I'm love these slides. I think my feet just needed to be broken in lol. I'm very happy with this product. ... read more

Lady Doris, Sanger, CA go to product
adissage Slides Adidas customer for life!!!!
October 07 2015

I purchased my Adidas slides about 4 years ago, so long that the comfort nodules/tubes have worn down taking the shape of my foot. I hate wearing shoes, but when I do, these are my go-to's. I wear these daily-all day-all year long; with or without socks & for every season! They are constructed well, last long & are very comfortable. I have purchased a pair for my son, who is always borrowing mine, my husband & my son's girlfriend. I'm a customer for life! Thanks Adidas!!!! ... read more

BEBOP65, U.S.A. go to product
adissage Slides Better than anticipated
September 20 2015

I ordered these because I am on my feet all day long and wanted something to slip on at the end of the day that was not a standard rubber flip flop. These are UNBELIEVABLE! My feet were slightly sensitive to the footbed the 1st couple of wears, but they easily adjusted. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a convenient slide that also offers some relief for tired feet. ... read more

Shagsters, Dallas, TX go to product
adissage Slides Foot massage!!
April 26 2015

These shoes are exactly what I hoped they would be. Comfortable slip ons for around the house and running errands. I wear them more then actual shoes because walking and standing in these is like getting a foot massage!! I wish I could wear them to work! ... read more

Jgreene, Newport Beach CA go to product
adissage Slides My favorite slides ever.
October 08 2014

I am very happy with these shoes. The nubs on the foot bed are very comfy and do not hurt my feet. I use these shoes everywhere I go. They run true to size. In the summer wear nail polish on your toes with a toe ring while wearing these shoes and your feet will look great. My old pair of these shoes lasted 3 years and I hope these last just as long. ... read more

Hello Kitty 21, CT, USA go to product
adissage Slides GREATEST SANDALS EVER!!!!!
January 01 2014

I received these sandals as a gift and they are absolutely amazing! They do run a bit large, though. I usually wear a 9.5 and the 9 fit me perfectly. They're soooooo comfortable! Now I understand why everyone at my school wears them :) ... read more

Chai, Highwood, IL, USA go to product
adissage Slides I LOVE IT!
October 27 2013

I wear it close to everyday now haha. Wore it to class, wore it in my dorm, wore it downtown...everywhere (with socks on, of course). Without socks (especially in the morning for some reason) it really hurts my feet but I otherwise I really like it. Plus, it arrived the day before my birthday so it was like an early birthday gift for me hehe ... read more

seasons986, Santa Cruz, CA, USA go to product
adissage Slides my feet feel like heaven !
August 12 2013

i bought these slides because of a recommendation from my boyfriend but i never realized they would be like this. i had to walk around with them for about an hour before they got really comfortable. after having them on for a little while i finally took them off and my feet felt like i had gotten a intense massage. they feel great with or without socks and these are great for athletes and those who are just on their feet all day. i would definitely recommend these to anyone. ... read more

lovingit20 go to product
adissage Slides Best flip-flops ever
July 23 2013

They really do massage your feet. They are so comfortable, I use them as slippers all year long and at the pool and beach in the summer. I actually take size 7 1/2 shoe but since they only come in full sizes, I went down to a 7 and they fit perfectly. I like the fact that they close with velcro because I have a high arch. I will wear these sliders forever. I do, however, wish they were a little cheaper. But the best is the cheapest in the long run. ... read more

sis go to product
adissage Slides LOVE these!!
July 15 2013

I've had these sandals for about 3-4 months and I basically live in them. I saw my friend had them, and I tried them on & liked them. I decided to buy some, and they were great! The first few days I was getting used to the slight pressure, and my feet hurt a very little. But now I live in them and they are the. most. comfortable. shoes. EVER. ... read more

Kirst20, Toronto go to product
adissage Slides A dream for sore feet.
May 24 2013

I am a server, and am on my feet for 8-16 hours a day. I also am a distance runner, and run "barefoot" style. Currently training for a marathon. Needless to say, my feet are always achy. Some people say these slides feel a little too intense, but for my feet they are the perfect amount of pressure. I find them incredibly comfortable. I normally wear them barefoot, but they are comfortable with socks too. I would say they run true to size. I usually wear about a womens 6- 6 1/2. I went with a size 6 in these and they fit great. Would buy again! Great recovery sandal. ... read more

RunningMackey, Peoria, IL go to product
adissage Slides Can't live without them!
May 17 2013

I have a tremendous problem with foot pain. These are my go to around the house/yard shoes when my feet can't deal with anything else! The tiny raised areas in the footbed are a real massage on my tired aching feet! Some of my friends thought they were a little uncomfortable at first, but love them after only a little time of wear! ... read more

Difficult Feet, Bryan, Texas go to product
adissage Slides Wide Foot
February 25 2013

Everything with the shoe is corrected I just wanted the ladies out there to know that if you have a wide foot you may want to consider getting the men's version. I have a really wide foot and although the women's fit I think I would have preferred the men's ... read more

Nova scotia go to product
adissage Slides
January 14 2013

love the shoes but hate the fact that if you have to send them back due to sizes that run small adds an additional $12+ for each pair to the cost because return shipping is not covered...would never order them online again! ... read more

fourmom, Fairfax Station, VA, USA go to product
adissage Slides Best sandals ever
December 31 2012

Bought this on an emergency trip. First time I try them on, my feel felt such a message that I instantly bought them. My niece wanted a pair this Christmas. They were a bit more expensive online, but free shipping so I got them anyway. Order them on Wednesday night Dec 19th and received them Saturday Dec 22nd. I was so surprised at the rush delivery. My niece was super excited to get her gift. Thanks Adidas. ... read more

Yram, Chicago go to product
adissage Slides Best purchase ever ... hands down
December 03 2012

My brother wears these all the time and people started copying his swag and now I know why!!! The most comfortable, massaging, and swaggy shoes!!!!! I wear these with neon socks all the time and they are manifisänçé. All day at school except for gym and I already got good slippers skinny jeans and hollister top not to mention uggs sometimes. Anyway try and wear ankle socks if u have 'em. At first they gave me blisters but later on they were back to normal and my brother uses his Military Blues now anyway... Hope it helped somewhat. Thnx XD little big but they r supposed to be slacky anyway casual etc etc. ... read more

Sreebee, Rockville, MD, USA go to product
adissage Slides best slides ever
August 02 2012

i had just bought these slide yesterday and they are so comfy. when i take them off my feet feel like theve been in fits very wll and you can adjus it if you want which is even better. at first when i put them on barefoot they had hurt but you get used to it.its better with sock on and it gives a nice massage. ... read more

bribri, tobyhanna,pa go to product
adissage Slides Ouch!
July 30 2012

I like the look and construction of these, but the little nubs hurt my feet. I tried them for several days thinking I may get used to it, but my feet felt like they were burning on the bottom. I am returning them and getting the cloud souls instead. I have tender feet I guess. ... read more

SueZ, Illinois go to product
adissage Slides Really great purchase
April 13 2012

They came in the right size and fit perfect, although they maybe hurt a but when you have them on or two long, but it's minor. I would definitely recommend these! They also actually massage and all I love them, they actually help with the pain in my ankle too. ... read more

GiGiLuv, Michigan go to product
adissage Slides Slides for my daughter
April 03 2012

Used to wear similar slides growing up in Germany. My daughter wanted to try a pair, they fit perfectly and were very comfortable. She loves them and wears them all the time now. Especially likes wearing them before she goes to practice or games. ... read more

Virginia go to product
adissage Slides Excellent purchase.
January 11 2012

Hands down, one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I recommend these to a lot of people. They fit perfectly, and after a long day of working and going to the gym, they are great to walk around and relax in! ... read more

Morgana Banana, Houston, tx go to product
adissage Slides Love these!
September 10 2011

I LOVE these slides. They are so comfy. I wear them everywhere, to school, when I'm out and about. The only thing that I would recommend that you wear them with socks, cause after standing for so long barefoot, without moving, they start to hurt my heels a little bit, but I always wear socks and I love them! I have these and the pink and black ones (: ... read more

Blondie. go to product
adissage Slides greatest slides ever
August 03 2011

i have been wearing the adissage for over 10 years now and they are the best slides that i have had. i have tried other styles, but i have always come back to this one. your feet hurt when you 1st start to use them but after a few days, they are as comfortable as can be. i think your feet just need to get use to the little "needles" on the sole. ... read more

polapino, new jersey go to product
adissage Slides better than flip-flops
July 11 2011

Great sandal for running around in the summer. Massages my tired feet as I walk in them. Plus I can wear socks when the weather turns colder. I had a pair before and I wore them out. Glad I could find this brand again. ... read more

Sue J, Minnesota go to product
adissage Slides comfy short walk shoes
April 19 2011

I love these slides. There great slip on and go shoes for when you gotta take the dog out, or go and run a quick errand. There a bit uncomfortable at first but after you few wears and your feet adjusting to them their great. ... read more

bsnfastcars, AF base go to product
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