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Women • Orange

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Ultra Boost Shoes Women's Running
$ 180
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X Lite TM SG Shoes Women's adidas Neo
$ 70
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Ace Club Shin Guards Soccer
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Dynamo Middle Stripes Tee Women's Soccer
$ 30
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Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Women's Running
$ 71.99 $ 120
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Dash Jacquard Shoes Women's adidas Neo
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Sunlina Jacquard Shoes Women's adidas Neo
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mi Samba Women's Originals
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86 reviews
Ultra Boost Shoes Loving the new style boost !!
February 08 2015

im a lover of the adidas boost technology, this is my 3rd pair & they haven't disappointed. I run most days & wear these trainers to do so, I can't wear them for fitness classes that I teach as not enough support for movement in different directions but there made for running so that's what they're best suited for. The only down side is possibly the "sock" style, I don't find that this suits & fits every foot properly. The look & design is fabulous, I ordered the black ones & they look amazing. ... read more

Suziejacques, newcastle go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Love, Love, Love These Shoes!
February 10 2015

I am so happy with this latest generation! I have several pairs of Adidas Boosts but my favorite has always been the first generation until these came out (The Energy Boosts 2 never felt as cushiony or comfortable to me). I had to splurge on the pre-launch and I'm so glad I did! I couldn't imagine this shoe getting any better from the first generation but the Supers have blown them out of the water as far as cushion and comfort goes - for me anyway. Thank you Adidas! I'm sure I will be buying more once they are on the market again. ... read more

michmoore, Olympia, WA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes The most comfortable shoes I've worn!
February 15 2015

These shoes are absolutely fantastic and better than anything I have worn previously. I was slightly worried about the size and as has been previously stated they are slightly (and only very slightly) narrow. The thing is that it doesn't really matter because of the flexibility of the top part of the shoe. It's like wearing a really flexible sock and it moulds to the shape of your foot. I trialled them on a 7 mile run and the cherry on an already delicious cake is the sole. They are springy and bouncy and they provide strength on the hills and comfort on the flats. I cannot recommend them enough! ... read more

alexf1985, Torbay, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Adidas has done it again!
February 11 2015

This is my 4th pair of boost sneakers. I have worn out 2 pairs of Energy Boosts( 1 and 2) and have one in my closet, still in the box. I bought the Ultras when they were offered at introduction a couple of weeks ago. I have worn them to work out in and run in at the gym. The extra "boost" is nice, but the overall shoe is somewhat larger than the Energy Boost 1 and 2. I like the original fit better. Glad I have an new pair of the "old" design in my closet! I hope Adidas brings back the Boost 2's in more colors and sizes. ... read more

Hewie, Long Island, NY go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Confused on the fit but Comfy!
February 13 2015

I tried these out in a test run . I normally wear a size 8.5 in the adios boost. So I picked out and 8.5. They were EXTREMELY comfy when I first put them on. The beginning of the run was good but the shoes felt loose in the front. Halfway through the run my mid foot started to hurt. I think maybe it's just adjusting to the shoe though because it didn't hurt afterwards. When I got back to the store I tried on size 8 thinking they might fit nicer but they were sooooo narrow that it hurt just standing there. I love the shoe but don't think it fits quite right. If there was a size 8 1/4 it would be perfect! Maybe I'll try men's sizes to get some width. ... read more

Lmemac, Wichita, KS go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Love it but...
March 07 2015

I love the feel of the upper, so soft and comfortable like a slipper. The cushioning is great as well. I definitely feel more than the Energy Boost. My only disappointment ( as mentioned by others) is that the sole shows wear early. I have about 30 miles on mine and already some of the nubs have worn down. For a running shoe in this price range I would not have expected this. The cushioning many last 100s of miles but I doubt the sole will. ... read more

RunnerPT7, New York go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best Yet
March 08 2015

I have been a fan of the "boost" from the beginning. Adidas has put it all together in this shoe.!! I had to remind myself that I could return them if they were not perfect because of the heavy price. 3 weeks in, with more than 60 miles on them, I am contemplating a 2nd pair. The fit is great; flexible yet sturdy enough to know you can train in them for the long haul... If you like the boost technology, this one is the best!! THANK YOU ADIDAS. ... read more

mms10, Locust Valley, New York go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best Running Shoes EVER
April 12 2015

I have been a fan of Boost since the very first pairs were launched. I heard about them on Marathon Talk podcast and Haile was promoting them. I have since purchased in excess of 10 pairs and have converted 5 people to wearing them. The Ultra Boost are the best yet! They combine the best features of the first Boost and upped their game. The wider toe box and light weight upper plus the extra Boosting is th reason I'll be wearing these at Boston. ... read more

Bevo, Lexington KENTUCKY go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best Improvement Ever!
March 19 2015

I bought the first Boost when Runners World raved about it a few years ago. I had just come off a stress fracture of my 2nd metatarsal and I have been sold on them since then due to the extremely flexible mesh upper. I also have a bunion at the big toe joint so Boosts are the only shoes that are comfortable for even the shortest distance. I am always concerned about the changes in the shoes when "upgrades" come out but I cannot tell you how fantastic these shoes are. I just took them out for a 10 mile pavement run and my legs and feet felt great. I have never felt that good in a shoe right out of the box. The sole is completely different and it in addition to the even stretchier mesh upper makes this by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever purchased. I log 15 - 20 miles a week and am 5'4" 140 lbs. Adidas - please make a Boost trail shoe! ... read more

KBeth, Redondo Beach, CA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Pretty Awesome Shoe!
February 23 2015

I just wore my new Ultra Boost shoes in a half marathon, and I didn't even have time to break them in properly. I always have trouble with the bottoms of my feet burning on long runs, and they still did, but the other issues I had been having (shoes rubbing little toes, tongue of shoe rubbing top of foot, Achilles tendonitis etc) all were alleviated by the Ultra Boost. My heel and ankle felt much better and didn't bother me during the race. ... read more

Fallera730, Florida go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes 2nd pair of ultras
June 14 2015

I am now on my third model of Adidas boost range. I have suffered from shin splints but since changing, my sore shins have almost gone. Great shoe for both training and racing in. Major issue for me is the sole, my first pair wore out in less than 200 miles in 3 months!!! My second pair is doing the same!!! Please Adidas sort this out and then this show becomes excellent but at this price we should not have a sole issue. ... read more

Wolf72, London go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Please with this purchase
May 05 2015

Despite reading reviews that these trainers were much too "flimsy" and light (they are very light), I found them to be extremely comfortable to run in. They provided sufficient support for my workouts (circuit training, Pilates & runs of up to 10K) and I would highly recommend them! The colour is a bit brighter than in the photos though, nevertheless, I still love them! ... read more

JenniferD21, Brighton, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best running shoes ever
March 13 2015

I have been eagerly waiting for them to arrive to Cyprus. I bought them a week ago and have performed 3 runs so far about 10km each. I have an issue with my feet , they tend to give me sharp burning pains when the shoes are not right. I experienced this pain in my first run but I think it was only because I was not used to them. The boost is unbelievable, I have improved my time and I cant wait for the Limassol marathon end of March!! Love them!!!! ... read more

AlexiaNK, Limassol, Cyprus go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best shoe ever...BUT wear out quickly
March 05 2015

I love everything about this shoe related to performance. Excellent, really. I have already ordered a second pair. Ultra Boost compared to my Energy 2.0 ATRs has put a "spring" in my run that I didn't expect. The sock style fit threw me off at first and the fit isn't perfect. It is a little large, yet as others are reporting I agree with being narrow. My only real complaint is the wear on the bottom of the sole is heavy in such a short time. I had read others with the mens had this issue so I was paying attention more than I have with other shoes. Sure enough after my third use, they were worn down greatly. I could pull out my 2.0's and compare after 4 months of wear to the Ultra Boost only three times and the Ultra Boost were worn out more. I love the shoe and what it does for performance and it is hands down the best shoe I have ever owned, but it is going to be pretty expensive keeping these stocked in my closet if I have to keep replacing much more often than normal use. Adidas please fix the sole! You do it so well with the Energy 2.0 ATR! Combine the two and I will be a customer for life. ... read more

Kadenkick, New York, NY go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Perfect running shoe for me!!
February 22 2015

I've had the original Adidas boosts before and it was time for a new pair so I thorght I'd go for the Ultra Boosts, I'm not in no way disappointed, the fit is amazing and with not having a tongue they literally fit like a pair of socks!! I have to wear orthotics in my running shoes and even with them in the shoes they still fit great!. Overall I'm very happy with them!! ... read more

AmyShewUk, Leicester,uk go to product
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