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Women • Green • Sport • Running • Shoes

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$ 180
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Reviews for: Women Green Sport Running Shoes

90 reviews
Ultra Boost Shoes Converted back to 3 stripes style
March 21 2016

It has been 10 years since I have owned a pair of adidas. My 1st & only pair were the originals black with baby blue stripes. The Ultra Boost was recommended to me. My friend said it's a "life changing experience." I had to judge for myself. Immediately stepping into them the sneaker hugged & contoured to my feet. Brava adidas! ... read more

New York, NY go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Comfy and snug
March 15 2016

Love these! Brother recommended these after he got a pair and I decided to buy them in black. I love how snug they feel and the breathability of the shoe. I wear these casually and when I go to the gym; they're comfortable and they my feet don't hurt or ache after wearing them for a long time. Great purchase! ... read more

Driarene, Lake Forest, CA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Something seriously wrong with these shoes
February 21 2016

I love adidas. I'm a die hard fan. But these shoes really disappointed me. I love how they look, super super love the sole, but whenever I run or walk with it I'm in pain. I can't tell which part of the shoe design is wrong. Usually after 20 minutes of running my whole feet would be in severe pain and I had to stop. I feel like one of the problem is the opening of the shoe is too big and it doesn't grab my foot? I always feel like the heel of the shoe is trying to fall off and that might affect how I run or walk. I got my pair quite a long time ago and the color is not available any more. I see so many good reviews now and I hope they've changed the design a little bit. But I don't know what I'm going to do with my 180 dollar running shoe that I can't run with. I want to get another pair of adidas but I'm afraid that they would have the same problem. ... read more

mansface, Washington, DC, USA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Worth every coin - running on clouds!
February 16 2016

I had reservations getting them because of my flat feet, but I have had a fantastic experience! Super cosy for walking up the San Francisco Hills and running - had a nice "spingy" feel. It has been 5 month and the rubber outer sole is still in good shape and so it she entire shoe! I will definitely recommend this, and buy another in the Ultra boost line. ... read more

NjeriC, San Francisco, USA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Great Recovery Shoes
February 05 2016

My recovery shoes! These are so comfy. I like the seamless meshy upper and the responsive feel of the cushioning. I love the glove like fit. I get compliments from my runner friends anytime I wear them. My only qualm is that the shoelaces come untied very easily, usually once per run. ... read more

runningliz, Portland, OR go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes so plush BUT heel slippage
January 27 2016

ultra boost are so plush, such a great ride. REALLY WISH there was a second top hole to lace shoes in the manner that helps prevent heel slippage (i have to lace all of my beloved adizero adios-and other running shoes- in this special, but not uncommon, way) ADIDAS please fix this issue - ... read more

soon2beSUB3marathoner, cali go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Disappointed
January 26 2016

I ordered Adidas ultra boost shoes in 6.5, when I tried , shoes was too narrow, normally my size is 6.5 , I thought let's order half size up , waited nearly up to 3 weeks because of none In stock, just received my 2nd pair in size 7 , v v disappointed as width is narrow again, it's hurts my feet, they both pairs going back, I wish addidas make these shoes in normal fitting, would not recommend it if u got wide feet, ... read more

Rose001 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Super comfy
January 13 2016

What a great pair of shoes! I love them - super light and great for running or everyday out and about. And that colour is fantastic. Not sure why someone said it caused blisters...maybe the size was not right (?!). My pair is perfect and i will be buying them all over again. ... read more

ZielonyMak, Poland go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Amazing Show, Doesn't Last
January 08 2016

I absolutely love this shoe. It's probably my favorite I've every owned. Unfortunately the soles wore out around 220-250 miles. In the Energy's I got over 400 miles. I wish I could afford to drop $180 every 2-3 months, but I can't. If I could, I would be in these! ... read more

STLRunner go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes New favorites
December 13 2015

I have been running in Asics gel nimbus for over 5 years but the newest model was too squishy for me, so I went to my local running store to get fitted. Out of the 3 pair I tried out, these were hands-down the most comfortable. They fit like they were made for me (I have a high arch, super narrow heel, and a wide forefoot and I often find that it is hard to get truly comfortable running shoes). I tested these out on a shorter run today and they are absolutely worth the price tag. There will definitely be my new favorites! ... read more

StacyLynnB, Pittsburgh go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes wears out quickly
November 17 2015

I can't afford to love these shoes! The soles wear out so quickly. They are a month old and already nubs on the soles have worn down. And I am not putting lots of miles on them (maybe 3 miles 5 times a week on a treadmill). However, they are by far the most comfortable, best fitting shoe I have ever worn. ... read more

jaxrunner go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes AWSOME
October 11 2015

I now have 3 pairs of the ultra booat and can't imagine another shoe as comfy as these. I only wear Adidas but the ultra boost are by far the best. Can't get a more comfortable and true to size shoe out there! Defenitly worth the price! Way to go Adidas! ... read more

Diamond 23, Houston, TX go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Painful + Disappointment
September 17 2015

I have been a loyal user of the Boston Marathon running shoe and then switched the year the boost hit the market. I have never experienced such pain while running than with these shoes. Shocking pain before mile 1- the laces do not tie high enough for ankle support, the heal is built higher than normal - my heal comes out in mid stride (which leaves absolutely no room for orthotics), and the plastic on the sides is painful to the foot. Please help bring back the old boost design as comfort is key to running. The last thing I need is to screw up my feet. ... read more

Nik80 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Don't fooled by the technology and comfort
September 11 2015

I'm lucky enough to have picked these out as a Parkrun Sweatshop prize back in May this year and wanted something better than my cheap Karrimors. So when I was told I could pick anything off the shelf at any price, I was like a kid in a sweet shop! These were an instant favourite because of how comfy they were in the shop. The upper fits like a glove around my feet and the sole makes walking and running feel as though you are walking on air. Now, historically I tend to get a bit of discomfort with any new pair of trainers which tends to disappear after a few short outings, so I wasn't put off by the tingley pins and needles I felt on my first few runs. However, I have persevered and run almost 200 miles in them but I consistently start to feel the pins and needles effect after only 4 miles and by 6 miles it becomes almost unbearable. It has got better over time and I ran a half marathon in them recently, but they were extremely uncomfortable from 8 miles onwards. Some have commented on the durability of them, and while mine are not falling apart, the black grip on the soles wore down to flat very quickly. Something I wouldn't expect from a pair of trainers with such a hefty price tag on them. I really wanted to get on with these trainers but unfortunately, I will not be spending any money on another pair. ... read more

GeoJogger, Wiltshire, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes style + comfort = IN LOVE
September 05 2015

I have high arches and need a lot of cushion for my runs. With my custom insoles inserted , these are the best running shoes I have tried on so far . So plush and great ventilation for long runs. my feet never feel hot or sweaty, even after a 1/2 marathon. So far I have ran 3 races in these shoes and i can always hashtag #PR in my race photos. hahaha. Yes, They are a little more narrow compared to nikes, but i feel like the snug gives my foot extra support. My foot doesnt' feel like its sliding around in my shoes when I run; it stays in place comfortably. A big plus about these shoes is that even after 250 miles, they still look GREAT! it retains its shape so nicely. from afar, they look brand new still and I like how the dirt wipes off easily (I have black shoes so idk about the white boosts). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for beginner runners, averaging 15-20 miles a week , or running 1/2 marathons. ... read more

T_Hom, Seattle go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Re-lace the cage for a better fit
September 04 2015

I'll make a few comparisons with the Adipure 360.3, even though that's a trainer instead of a runner. Bear with me, please. Pros: 1. Having a full-length Boost sole in a running shoe is luxurious. It's very cushy and bouncy, yet extremely flexible. I'm a mid/forefoot striker, but in these shoes I can easily shift to rear-foot striking if I need to—and my heels don't scream at me in protest. 2. The bevel in the Boost sole seems to stabilize the shoe a bit: I can do single-leg deadlifts in this shoe, as long as I don't shift all my weight too far to the front of my foot. I don't really recommend these shoes for single-leg activities, as they're definitely runners—but I'm pleasantly surprised I'm not all wobbly while balancing in them. (If you've ever tried to balance like that in a pair of Pure Boosts, you know what I mean.) 3. The upper is stretchy and very breathable. I wore these sockless for 10 minutes on a treadmill, and there was a noticeable breeze running across the top of my feet. 4. As with the Adipure, I love the bootie construction. No detached tongue to fuss with, and I get full lace burn protection. 5. The outsole is grippy. Right out of the box, the outsole was actually too grippy. It sounded like I was walking across a sticky movie theater floor. 20 minutes of walking/running in place on carpet and a yoga mat solved that. Cons: 1. Sizing runs long. I wear an 8 in the Adipure, with a comfy half inch gap between the tip of my big toe and the interior front of the shoe. In the Ultra Boost size 8, that gap's a full inch long. I'll try a 7.5 soon. I bought the 8 instead because I thought the smaller size might be too narrow. 2. The plastic lacing system is a rigid cage that makes the shoe too tight on my wide left foot. (It doesn't aggravate my right foot at all.) I guess the thick plastic's meant to lock down the midfoot, since the fabric upper's so stretchy. But the cage is very unkind to wide feet. To fix that, I changed my lacing technique on the left shoe: I completely skip the 2nd holes, and lace the others in typical crisscross fashion. I also don't lace that shoe too tightly. This lets the second pair of plastic stripes skim my foot, while the other stripes provide support. It keeps the cage from digging hard into my foot. So far, it seems to work well. 3. My heels slide out a bit. That's partly due to the long sizing, I'm sure. But also, the Ultra Boost's collar is looser than the Adipure's—probably because the shoes don't use the same kind of fabric upper. (My heels never slip out of the Adipures.) And the heel counter isn't really locking me down. Wearing thicker socks doesn't help much. Hopefully a smaller size will make a difference. 4. I'm pretty sure the outsole won't last long, especially after seeing other people's photos of worn-down nubs. If I keep these shoes, I'll definitely have to rotate them with other pairs. If the smaller 7.5 size resolves two of those cons, I'll happily keep 'em. ... read more

Luckyducky, Chicago IL go to product
August 20 2015

Well, the name says it all....ULTRA BOOST! This ULTRA BOOST shoe gives me perfect feet. I have been running for years and I think I've tried every shoe out there. This shoe is AMAZING! Right out of the box it's beautiful and you can go for a long distance run right away. The ride is smooth and forgiving. I will never run in anything else......ever. The ULTRA BOOST is like no other. I can really enjoy my runs now without having to think about my feet. I can concentrate on true running form without having to think about having to change my running form due to wearing ill-fitting shoes. I will never ever bewithout the ULTRA BOOST. I buy three at a time so that I will have a new pair readily available. This running shoe is like a slipper. It envelops your foot in a cloud of stability and protection. I could sleep in it. LOL! It's that darn AWESOME! ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST ROCKS! ... read more

FlowerTime, Oakhurst, Texas go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Not Remotely Worth It
August 11 2015

I wouldn't write in if I wasn't seriously disappointed, but unfortunately I am. For years I wouldn't buy any other brand of running shoe but Adidas and because of that I thought I would splurge on the Ultra Boost. After getting them and trying them on a super short run, I was so uncomfortable I had to send them back. Totally disappointed in what used to be my favorite brand. This "top-of-the-line" shoe lets down in every category, from the fit to the look. ... read more

runner26 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Worn down in less than 1 month of minimal training
August 10 2015

I am usually reluctant to venture from my tried-and-true running shoe brand but after testing these-- the cushion, the fit, the running-on-air feel-- I couldn't say no. I balked at the price tag but for the best of the best? Why not. I haven't even BEGUN training for my next marathon but after less than 1 month of moderate (15-20 miles/week) of running, the soles are practically flat. The little bumps have all worn down on the heel and sole! On top of that, the minimal arch support makes my feet hurt. I'm going to try to get my money back. ... read more

Merrie440, Hartford, CT go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes adidas never disappoints
August 04 2015

Adidas constantly feeds into my addiction to their apparel and insanely cute and comfortable shoes. Ordered these in three colors. Feels like I'm walking on a cloud, and they fit perfectly snug around my feet for insanely comfortable support. WORTH THE PRICE ... read more

viictorriiaxx, NJ, USA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Fav running shoes ever
July 24 2015

I've been running for 15 years and have gone through A LOT of shoes. The rep came to our running group and let us try them out on a run. I was instantly in love with how flexible and comfty these shoes were. Zero breakin time. The price is really high compared to my previous shoes but I've never worn and loved a pair so much. I put 20-25 miles on them for 6 months. They probably would last longer if I'd rotated them but that is how comfortable they are - I didn't want to wear my other shoes. Perfect for long distances like halfs or above. The orange is also a pretty soft neon and not the bland looking peach color like in the picture. Glad to have color choices other than pink and purple and gaudy color combos. Classy shoe! ... read more

HillMaster, Kansas City, KS go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes wont take them off my feet.
July 17 2015

By far the best running also everyday shoe ive had in so long. I was so surprised on how comfortable the shoe really was! it literally molds to your foot after a couple wears. i would recommend this shoe to anyone that likes being comfortable! i now own 3 pairs. keep killing it adidas! @flipp ... read more

Flipp, Orlando, FL go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Like running on air
June 17 2015

I bought these as a present for my friend and she really likes them - in fact she says it's like running on air. She normally wears a size 3 but I'd heard from other reviews that they run small so ordered a 3.5 which proved wise. She says they're slightly narrow though. ... read more

Kevnie82 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Good shoe but...
June 16 2015

Great shoe overall. The upper and the midsole is a1! Primeknit upper with the boost midesole is a great combo. However I really don't like the outsole. The outsole is starting to wear down after 10 miles. I have no idea why did Adidas used the sprint web sole instead of Adiwear or the Continental rubber on the glide boost. It's really unfortunate to see a good pair of running shoes be ruined by some ill designed soles : ... read more

getrektedmlgquickscope666, Portland, OR go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes 2nd pair of ultras
June 14 2015

I am now on my third model of Adidas boost range. I have suffered from shin splints but since changing, my sore shins have almost gone. Great shoe for both training and racing in. Major issue for me is the sole, my first pair wore out in less than 200 miles in 3 months!!! My second pair is doing the same!!! Please Adidas sort this out and then this show becomes excellent but at this price we should not have a sole issue. ... read more

Wolf72, London go to product
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