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Women • Black • Sport • Soccer • Pants

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Reviews for: Women Black Sport Soccer Pants

149 reviews
Tiro 15 Three-Quarter Pants Disappointed---Pants see through
April 28 2016

I have loved Adidas clothing over the years and I was excited about these pants. However I could tell when i took the pants out of the package that these pants would be sent back. The material is so thin that you can see straight through it. Disappointed in the poor quality of the material. These will be sent back. ... read more

susan23, charleston, sc go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants They were too short
April 28 2016

I have the opposite problem of most people. Mine are really short on me :(. It's not adidas' fault, I'm 5'10 and I'm only 13 so that's just kind of my own genes. I wish they made sizes like long and short. I do love this brand in general but I wish they would give us a choice of getting something in specific fitting like long or short :) ... read more

Dixie_Dancer go to product
Core 15 Training Pants THIN material
April 24 2016

I love how adidas always has nice quality and durable fabric, but with these pants I was let down and I have a few training pants from adidas. I bought these along with the Trio 15 pants and for 5 dollars more the trios are worth it. They have about the same fit, but the trios seem to be a little more fitted around the thighs but still allow great movement. The fabric for these core 15 pants are incredibly thin to the point if you held them up and looked through one layer of fabric you can see clearly through the other side. Overall if you're looking into these pants I would highly recommend buying the Trio 15 pants for 5 more dollars it will be well worth it. ... read more

Thi go to product
Core 15 Training Pants Great pants but a little tight
April 18 2016

I'm 5'3" and 115 lbs and i wear a size small in adidas pants, and i own multiple pairs of the Tiro 15 training pants. So, i bought a small in these pants but they're a little tighter, so i have to unzip them at the bottom to fit them over my ankles. I'm not sure if i want to go up one size, because then i know the waist will be too big. Overall, great pants but they're tighter than the Tiro 15s, and i love the sizing on those pants. ... read more

lauren18, Massachusetts go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Too short!!! Tall women exist...
April 11 2016

These pants are comfortable, but making the sizes just small, medium, large, and extra large will not fit every woman out there. I am 5'11 and these pants are short on me, I wish they had options in length for taller women. Now these pants are worn for lounging around the house because they are too short. I currently have a medium and its slightly too big, and if I go any smaller it will probably be to tight. I love Adidas and their products but I can not even get their pants or leggings because of my height. Hopefully one day they will have an option for medium long, medium regular, and medium short like how most jeans run. ... read more

TZ3, FL, US go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants amazing
April 10 2016

I'm 5'7 and weigh 126 lbs and I bought these in a size small. They're the perfect length and they're very comfortable. They're not too tight and not to loose, it fits perfectly. They're breathable but the fabric is thick enough to keep you warm. Probably one of the best pants I own. ... read more

laylah081, Florida, US go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Love it
April 03 2016

The style is more a fashion statement than hardcore workout.. I feel like its always flashing my butt because there is little room in the back, even after i sized up. The quality is very nice except the fabric shows any underwear line no matter what i wear. Other than that love the style looks great on anyone ... read more

Plk77 go to product
Tiro 15 Three-Quarter Pants PLEASE bring us other colors!
March 31 2016

Where have these been all my life?! I have been on the hunt for the perfect Capri for gym use (some of us don't want to wear tights working out) for years. These are exactly what I was looking for. So comfy, look awesome and extremely breathable. I wish so bad that there were more colors... I'd never wear another capri again. ... read more

Shampoo, WV, USA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants DEFECTIVE
March 31 2016

I ordered these as my new bike riding pants, but sadly they came defective. I pulled on the left pant-leg first: way too tight. Next the right pant-leg: just right. So which leg was the actual size I ordered? This is ridiculous. You'd think that $45 pants would actually be sewed the right size, but I guess not. Returning. Looks like I'm going back to Reebok! ... read more

pinkazaleas, PA, USA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Love these pants!
March 26 2016

These are the best pants I have ever had! They are perfect to use for outdoor training when the weather is a bit chilly (too cold for shorts, too hot for full on pants). They are so comfortable! I would definitely recommend. ... read more

Katherine12 go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Great & comfortable
March 20 2016

I recently purchased these soccer pants. I've been dying to buy them because they look cute, are great for playing and super comfortable! I'm 5'4'' and got a small. The pants fit great, I like that they're not too tight and have enough space to move around. I was disappointed that the bottom was a bit too long, they kind of bunch up in the bottom. If you're tall then they fit perfect. I might return them for an XS because of the length but overall I'm satisfied with these pants. ... read more

Stefani808, Miami, FL. go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Great but ripped in the wash
March 14 2016

I've had these pants for about 2 months now and I have loved them. They are comfortable, great to move around in, and cute. I just recently put them in the wash though and when I took them out there was rip/ tear about one inch long on the back of the calf. If you buy these be aware that they may rip so you may want to understand wash them. ... read more

Vanessah141, Boston, Massachusetts go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants love these pants
March 13 2016

they are super in style, i wish i could wear them everyday to school. i wear them usually twice a week to school, i play volleyball, softball, track and do hockey and these pants are perfect warm up pants for anything or lounging pants. i'm looking forward to ordering more and in different colors. i am 5"5 and 120 pounds. ... read more

love these pants sO MUCH go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants not recommended for tall people
March 12 2016

I've been playing soccer for 11 years and have owned these for years. i love them and they're amazingly comfortable but they have a problem with sizes. I'm 5'9" and bought the medium size & they fit great but they're way too short. i have long legs so I knew it would happen but you would think adidas would realize 90% of soccer players are tall. i wish they could fix the sizing issue ... read more

rylieraine, Chico, CA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Comfortable but starting to rip
March 06 2016

I am 5' 5" and weigh about 180 pound. I order a medium and it is a little loose and long. It is comfortable enough but not as flexible as my first Adidas pants. I wear this pant often and within 6 months, the pants started to rip in my inner thigh. The pants still looks new but now there are visible holes between my thighs. ... read more

Mxiong09, California, USA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants These looked better on me in my mind
March 03 2016

I received these pants yesterday after wanting them for years. I'm 5'4" and 160 pounds. I wear a size 8 or 10 in jeans in a short length. I ordered a medium in these pants knowing they might not fit as loose as I'd like, but hoping the length would be good. They were about an inch and a half too long. I might have been able to get over the length, but the material is thick so they bunched up at the knees too much. They also sit low on the waist, and with them being a slim fit this is not optimal for those who have a butt. The fit in the thighs were as expected. The waistband is comfortable but up top they fit like skinny jeans. The material is pretty stretchy and it felt like they would relax out after wear. ... read more

KK25, North Conway, NH go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Long but still looks good
March 02 2016

I'm 5' 3", 95lbs and ordered an XS. They were about 3 inches long for me but I ended up cuffing them and that works great for me. They are a bit baggy in the thigh but tight in the calves which is nice for wearing over shorts. Overall, a great purchase, I'll wear them a lot I just wish Adidas made these for shorter people. ... read more

gravce818 go to product
Core 15 Training Pants Best training pants ever!
February 29 2016

I am absolutely in love with these pants. I'm 5'2 and 125 lbs, on a good day, waist size of 26 inches. I got these in a small and they fit perfectly. It's a loose fit, but tight enough around the thighs. ... read more

Nu, California go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Comfy but a bit large
February 28 2016

I'm 14 years old, 5'4 and 97 pounds, and I got size XS. I saw a lot of kids in my school wearing these and I thought they looked really cool and good for exercise, I liked how the leg was tapered, and it's pretty hot in the noontime and people were wearing them like it was no sweat. They ARE really comfortable. The thigh is really baggy but the calves are fitted, the legs are a bit long and it's loose around the waist but I can tighten it. They still look pretty good, even if it's kind of big on me, but I'm hoping I can grow into it, I'm glad I didn't order them online, otherwise I would have ordered a size S and that would have been WAY too big. ... read more

Jeaniebeanie, California, USA go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Small girl
February 26 2016

I am 5'2" and about 90 pounds. So I'm SMALL. I had an older pair of adidas soccer sweats that lasted years, but it was time to replace them. I went to a ton of store in my area and tried on XS but it was very baggy. So given the risk of them not fitting I got an XS off the Adidas website. They fit just how I like them. I have room at the top so I can put shorts on, but I'm not floating in them. And they are tighter at the bottom, but not too tight! Plus the shippping was fast! I ordered on Tuesday and despite the weather got them Friday of the same week!!! ... read more

Shortieeeeee, Michigan go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Too Short
February 23 2016

I have been reading peoples reviews and have seen many that say their pants are too long and a few that say they are too short. I definitely fit into the too short category. Finding pants that are long enough is a huge struggle for me. I am 5"11' and weigh about 122 pounds. When I purchased these pants I was really hoping for some that would actually be long enough, so I ordered a large. Not such a great idea. They still hit me at the bottom of my calf muscle, plus they are super baggy(my fault for ordering the large). Anyways, all this to say, I think that adidas should start having "Short, Regular, and Long" options. I am in love with adidas and all of the products, and I will still purchase them anyways, but having a pair of adidas pants that are actually long enough for me would make me immensely happy. Sincerely, Struggling Tall Girl ... read more

tallgirl44, Houston, Texas go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Soccer pants don't hold up for soccer!
February 14 2016

My daughter is 12, and us a goalie for her soccer team. I figured that soccer pants would be great for her to practice in. She wore them for the first time in indoor soccer, and has 7 holes in her pants. All of her friends who play soccer, depending if they slide or not have holes in theirs too. I'd like to think that adidas would make much sturdier pants for soccer. ... read more

tibby45, NJ go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Amazing
February 13 2016

I'm a soccer player and I use these all the time. For practice, warm ups before a game, and even at home. These pants are wonderful and the quality is great! They really do last, take it from me! I would totally recomend this product! ... read more

Iitspauliina go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants awesome adida pant
February 07 2016

Read reviews and decided to get them in L. I'm 5'4, 152 lbs and seemed between sizes. Should have gone with M. Will return these and now my preferred colours and size are not available. Will try again later. I'm 59 and loved the fit of these beside the fact they are a size too large ... read more

trimoto, Calgary go to product
Tiro 15 Training Pants Soccer pants
February 03 2016

I loved these when I first put them on, took two sizes into the dressing room, the XL was really roomy so I tried the L and they fit great. wore them the first time and loved them..... then I washed them, in cold water and did not dry them and the shrank :(. They are too short now and are tight, I am so bummed, I should have gone with the XL I guess. ... read more

Springfield Oregon go to product
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