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Women • Black • Running • sale

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Reviews for: Women Black Running sale

159 reviews
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Futuristic
February 02 2016

Let's be honest, the whole wearable market is starting with first versions. For a V1 the Smart Run DELIVERS. GPS, Bluetooth Headphones, WiFi, HeartRate.... what else do you want? Apple Watch doesn't deliver and your phone will end up smashed in one of your runs since it doesn't have GPS. I have a feeling Version 2 is going to be designed like a G-Shock..... be waterproof and have an updated display. ... read more

andrestb, usa go to product
Sequencials ClimaHeat Tights i love these leggings
February 01 2016

These leggings do everything they say on the tin. They are true to size, fitted perfectly. Very comfortable and keep you warm! I wear them cycling to work on frosty mornings and dog walking and in the wind, rain and cold they keep me toasty. I imagine they would be amazing thermals for skiing too which I will try out when I go. I was very impressed at how windproof they are too, freezing cold wind that leaves my fingers numb didn't even stand a chance of making my legs cold with these on. Also I was so happy to finally find a pair of sports leggings that aren't see through on the bum! These leggings look like they might be but thats only because the liner material is lighter than the outside material. They are perfect and I am a very happy customer! ... read more

Fre6a, UK go to product
Sequencials ClimaHeat Tights warm and very, very useful!
February 01 2016

These are lovely. Really warm and well made. I'm unlikely to wear them for a long run(almost too warm for this) but for a jog whilst my kids bike or for cycling (they've had an outing already and kept the wind and cold out beautifully), they are perfect. I'm 5ft 7 and 10/12 - small was great - only negative is that they are only just long enough. ... read more

devonpoppy, exeter go to product
Sequencials ClimaHeat Tights Best tights EVER!
January 23 2016

I have many running tights but these are definately the most comfortable I have ever had and really warm they are so good I bought a second pair straight away and then my colleague tried them on and ordered a pair as well ... read more

Tixylixy, Brighton go to product
Sequencials ClimaHeat Tights Great for chilly outdoor sessions
January 20 2016

A great pair of leggings warm but not over the top, Used for early morning predawn run and kept toasty on dry but not too crisp day, Very warm paired with waterproof over trousers on icy cold wet walk. I should probably buy another pair but fine to wash and dry overnight. ... read more

KatielouJ, Cornwall UK go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Cool, Stylish, Battery could be better
January 10 2016

I've had no problems with my watch, the adidas app and syncing is a great way to track your activity. Watch also looks great on your wrist and can be used to go out too. Battery life isn't great and it does take some time to pick up gps when starting, apart from this sound bit of kit! ... read more

Andyca86, Durham go to product
Response Three-Quarter Tights Women's response tights - PERFECT!
January 02 2016

Great fitting & looking garment - bought as an Xmas present and the girlfriend loved them. The garment comes up exactly as expected size wise. They have a lovely satin feel to them. Perfect in every way and a great price too ... read more

DRaz88, London go to product
Response Three-Quarter Tights Best work leggings
December 11 2015

I have bought numerous leggings over years for workout and netball practice and these adidas response ones are the best. I bought medium and am a size 12 and they fit me fine, although I'd take smaller if I was a ten....the drawstring ensures...however hard you work out...that they stay up in position. Brilliant product ... read more

Nlwtasha, Lincoln go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Smart Run
December 05 2015

I have been using my smart Run now for about 6 months, and I am just getting the hang of all the features. To begin with I had issues with the heart rate sensor losing signal, it was due to me not wearing the watch tight enough, I have not had this problem since wearing tighter, however it is not how I would like to wear it. It's a bit uncomfortable. I really like the heart rate zone training feature, I can train in a zone of my choice, and when paired with my bluetooth ear buds I get on the fly instructions. (speed up,slow down). I like the fact you can still record training indoors aswell,you just turn off the GPS and away you go.The watch can transfer data to a mobile app on your smart phone via WiFi, allowing you to study your efforts. On the whole this is a great watch that does all the important stuff, I would have like to have seen a recovery test and a V02 reading but for the money I am impressed with the watch. ... read more

SubypG, Durham go to product
Response Three-Quarter Tights Great pants, really comfy but slightly too loose on the waist
November 19 2015

I loved these pants! The material is really soft and stretchy but also supportive which is important for me as I do a lot of jumping around. I would of given these pants a 5* if it wasn't for the waist which I found was a little too loose for me. I was always pulling them up so have returned and have purchased a size smaller. So I would say if you are stuck between which size to order definitely go for a size down! ... read more

Spanner2015, Manchester, UK go to product
Energy Bra A, B, and C Cup Learn how to put it on and it'll be worth it.
November 09 2015

First off, I'm VERY picky with sports bras simply because of the way my breasts naturally are. I need the bra to fit PERFECTLY or else I'm going with two bras. I wore 2 bras for working out for years because when I tried to wear a simpler compression bra by itself with no cup shapes, I was left with that nightmarish "uniboob" look and feel (most ladies know exactly what I'm talking about.) I'm a full C, sometimes D depending on the bra, so the 2-bra thing was something I've been wanting to rid myself of for the longest time. I work at an Adidas store and found this funky-looking bra and decided to try it on. I will say that the bra is quite daunting at first when you are attempting to just try it on. The way the straps cross over will likely have you saying "huh?" out loud. But I was able to eventually figure it out (after a few minutes of sweating) and, over a year later, I can say this is probably the best bra purchase I've ever made. I actually ended up buying three of them, and none of them show any signs of wear to this day. I know the bra offers fantastic support because I don't think about it when I'm exercising. I work out several times a week. The bra is pretty much true to your normal bra size, and I love how the sizes are based on cup/band sizes (32C, 36DD) as opposed to small/medium/large so that you can make sure that you get a bra that actually FITS. Honestly, the only bad part about this bra IMO is the first few times putting it on because you don't know what you're doing and it just feels like your suffocating even with the right bra size on. But, as a previous reviewer mentioned, the tightness you should be experiencing at first is a good thing. (If the bra's too tight, loosen the straps/clasps a bit, but you shouldn't have to do too much adjusting or else you likely have the wrong bra size.) Let me save you the stress of figuring out how to put this thing on: 1. Unhook the bra. 2. Loosen the straps to at least half the length. This will make the bra easier to pull over your head/arms/torso and keep you from damaging the bra's threading by over-stretching. 3. Pull the bra over your head so that the entire bra is below your bust, near your belly button. Turn the bra around so that the unhooked section of the bra is over your belly button. Make sure the hook sections are not flipped around or else the bra won't fit right. 4. Tighten the straps to your desired tightness and hook the bra together. You obviously won't know your go-to measurement at first, but you will eventually. 5. Twist the bra around your body and fit the cups over your bosom. Put your arms through the arm openings and pull the straps up to your shoulders. Just get past learning how to put it on and I believe you'll really love the bra. Worth your money! :) ... read more

kaykay12, Miami, FL go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great Running Shoes
October 19 2015

I got these after having the Glide Boosts and love the lighter weight shoe- I've already gotten a couple of PRs on my runs. I'm training for a couple of marathons and these shoes have been holding up well to 30-40 mile weeks. I have the black pair and love the mismatching green/pink coloring- it definitely doesn't hurt to make them look as good as they feel! ... read more

Tinag28, Atlanta, GA go to product
Response Three-Quarter Tights Great workout tights
October 05 2015

Usually I have to try both XS and S but this was the right fit for XS which is my size. The waist band is a great fit and I found that I didn't need to use the drawstrings but its great to have the option. I like the alternative placement of the traditional three stripes as I tend to find the other designs with the stripes on either side of each leg rather monotonous. ... read more

ENG10, London, England go to product
Response Three-Quarter Tights Amazing tights
October 04 2015

I am a DI collegiate athlete, so I rather athletic legs.. I usually wear either S or M depending on the fit of the item I have a 28" waist and am 5'7". I weigh 140 lbs. I got them in size M and they were a little too loose on my thighs. I love that they have the drawstring in the waist though, because too often I have this problem where my thighs "eat my pants." What I mean by that is that it will fit my thighs but not my waist... and then the pants will slink down a bit 'cause I had to buy them to accommodate my thighs. So the drawstring is awesome for that. The back pocket is great for my keys when I run. I ended up returning them and getting a size small, which fit nice and tight, like a pair of tights should. I've posted my video review of the tights as well. ... read more

APevtPV, Jonesboro, AR go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Only running watch with all these functions and does them well
August 29 2015

Got this watch for the heart monitoring after using Endomondo on a smartphone for years. I was concerned about all the negative reviews but couldn't find a better option and have ended up being extremely pleased with the purchase. I think many of the complains have been resolved with subsequent software updates. The two major issues still present are battery life and a delay for GPS to make initial connection. Both are very manageable for me: I charge the watch every night and plan on the 30 plus seconds for a connection on every run, and am often pleasantly surprised that the wait is shorter. Once GPS is found, it is reliable and accurate and every subsequent workout will find GPS immediately. Heart rate monitor is a nice addition and accurate but after working with the miCoach program, I've stuck with primarily tracking by pace. Love the miCoach workouts with full feedback and am currently using the Boston 1/2 Marathon plan for October. Music is awesome over bluetooth (I use a Plantronics Backbeat Fit) and I am very impressed with the free Mix Radio program. I wipe the back of the watch down after every run to make sure it doesn't oxidize like some other users have had happen. I don't have experience with other watches but all seem to have their limitations. This one had the most upside and I am very happy to report that it has performed better than expected for me. I am very happy with the purchase. ... read more

JAM38, Boston go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Cool watch but Very disappointing!
August 09 2015

Don't get me wrong Adidas, this is a very cool watch and I love the features it comes with BUT... There are so many bugs in the software that I don't know if it's all MiCoach watches or just my "Lemon". I have problems like finding GPS freezes or takes 15 minutes to find. This happens on average every 3 runs. I've had this watching coming up 12 months and I'm worried about Warranty. The watch has even frozen to the point of rebooting itself without me pressing anything. YES Adidas I'm forever checking updating software as well as rebooting as well as setting it back to factory settings over the last 12 months. There's been numerous times I've wanted to take it off my wrist and throw it as far as I can throw, but that would be silly because it's a $500 WATCH!!! ADIDAS PLEASE HELP, WARRANTY ENDING SOON. ... read more

Johnellab, Brisbane, Australia. go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes My 3rd pair of Adidas this year
July 29 2015

I am a recent convert to Adidas. I have the Adidas Supernova Glide and Adizero Boston Boost; I use one as a trainer and the other as my racing shoe. For my age group, I can often place in top 3 (rare recent Master's win in 12K). I am getting ready to run a couple cross country races in a series and I was steered to the Adizero Adios because the traction the nubs underneath would provide. Out of the box, I was shocked to find the color on one has green trim with pink laces and sole and the other has pink trim with green laces and sole. The pictures online only show one shoe. I ran just 2 miles to try them out. I felt a lot more of the ground than I expected and I kept focusing on the nubs I felt under the left foot and also felt very flat-footed in them. I ran slower than is typical for me. Another note: these feel the longest of the 3 and I like a snugger fit (all 3 are same size). The weight of under 7oz is a big departure for me so I will give them 2 weeks and see if I can find a place for them in my running. ... read more

MoMelFL, Georgia go to product
Energy Bra A, B, and C Cup Great bra if you can get it on
June 08 2015

This is my new favorite bra to wear for work outs. When I first got it, the band was very tight, uncomfortable tight. It took a handful of times wearing it for the elastic to relax. It is super comfortable now. It also helped to make it easier to put on. It's still a bit of a struggle, but it's not too bad. It's very supportive and it looks really good on too. It is so difficult to find a good sports bra like this; I highly recommend it! ... read more

808girl, Berkeley, CA go to product
Energy Bra A, B, and C Cup Favorite for running
May 24 2015

This bra is perfect for me. I want racerback with hook-and-eye closure (I hate peeling sweaty sports bras off my body), which is a hard combination to find. Moreover, I feel well supported. I don't have a big chest- I'm a 32C, but as a nursing mom, my boobs are super sensitive. I hope Adidas will make this bra in more colors! ... read more

karlamei, San Francisco, CA go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch No more chest straps..yay
May 19 2015

Build quality of unit is top notch, just make sure to wipe the HeartRate sensor area (or the whole underneath of watch) with a damp cloth so the residual salts from body is removed from watch this after every run. This should minimize chances of rust that i have heard few folks complain about. Apart from that unit performs fine, you get access to MIXRADIO, GPS lock is quick. Internal memory is wee bit limited compared to my 16GB MotoActv , in run telemetry updates are synced whilst online - via Wifi and the miCoach website is very nicely laid out, allowing for progress/history etc... overall am very happy with purchase. ... read more

pheed, Mel, AU go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Besides the horrible connectivity
April 07 2015

I have had my smart run for a little over a year now. I figured when I paid $400 dollars I would get top of the line! Like many have said, but I stuck with this watch. I have an I.T. background so I know new tech. would come with some problems. It's been a year now plenty of time to fix things! I'm not impressed still! I'm even thinking of buying a smart watch. Come on adidas fix the GPS, Bluetooth, and touch screen issues. One more thing get some new watch faces! Or you can send me the software to design some new ones then I'll upload them. Or at least make the watch face design software for sell. ... read more

Minibar, Texas go to product
Energy Bra A, B, and C Cup The struggle is real
March 04 2015

I love the care and detail put into this bra like the ridges along the band and the soft wicking material along the neckline, but man if this thing ain't a doozy to get on! I'm a big girl and I unfortunately don't have the super power of being able to fasten my bra behind my back. I couldn't get this things on no matter what kind of MacGuyver ways I tried. I knew if I tried to slip it on still clasped, I'd stretch it out and ruin it. I'm sending this back, I'll have to find some better plus-sized sports bras. ... read more

Anidee, Mimneapolis, MN go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Nowhere near as bad as some reviews would suggest
March 03 2015

I have had the watch for just over a week and love it. I have had other famous name (for sports) watches before and this is better. The good - seamless automatic uploading to Strava and MicCoach so no messing around at all, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth easy to set up, controls simple and intuitive, screen is clear, information accurate, integration of heart monitoring (I don't like the chest bands), coaching, music uploading and configurability. The bad - battery life, but with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a clear colour screen that's the price you have to pay until the next round of tech innovation. ... read more

ictdave, Cambridgeshire go to product
Micoach SMART RUN Watch Good watch but poor battery
February 28 2015

Everything is good apart from battery life. It last only one day max. I've been used it for almost a year now and it look like battery isn't that good anymore. I use it quite a lot . Need to repair but cannot find place to do. Real bad for it. ... read more

AndyDre, Sydney, Australia go to product
Energy Bra A, B, and C Cup Maximum support
February 16 2015

Amazing bra. I do kickboxing and this bra didn't disappoint me in support and keep everything in place. Very easy to put on and super comfortable to wear while I worked out. I ended up getting 2 more :) ... read more

vngirl, Phoenix, AZ go to product
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