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White • Training • Climalite

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Reviews for: White Training Climalite

153 reviews
Techfit Base Tights
April 24 2016

Nice urban camo design, tight without being too constricting, clima cool makes them very breathable. Stitching around the crotch means you get less visible 'bulge', which is great for me as I wear them at the gym, I wouldn't recommend wearing no underwear as they can become slightly see through when stretched. Great for squatting and lunges, no bunching material or sagging waistband! I'm 6'2 with fairly muscular legs, I bought a size L and they fit perfectly but I can see how they would be a bit long if you were a shorter guy. ... read more

NewtypeNate go to product
Ultimate Tee Just wrong
April 22 2016

I bought the same shirt, same model and size in black right after Christmas. Loved it. Thought I would buy a different color so I did. So disappointing. The shirt was way too big for a small, I mean big, like large big. The last one was the same size and it was perfect. I don't got it. ... read more

San diego go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights Decent light compression for everyday wear.
April 21 2016

Got these in both camo and black. I find these have greater range of motion than other Adidas compression shorts, even Techfit I've had in the past, but aren't quite as substantial as others. For one they lack the little plasticy bands at the bottom, which sort of mimic kinesiology tape and add a bit of extra compression. They also aren't as thick, which is good in the sense that they offer lighter, cooler, more flexible compression. Also, the gusset in the crotch doesn't extend over the butt, so they ride up more easily. They are basically high-grade underwear, which is great, really, but there are better hardcore sport options as well. I have a 29-30 waist and wear small but that is pushing it. If your waist is any bigger, go Medium or larger. ... read more

MattScott, Canada go to product
Techfit Base Tights Weird mix of perfection and incompetence
April 21 2016

Got a pair of these tights in my standard size (small) and they seemed smaller than most techfit bottoms (pants and shorts) that I've had in the past. They are even smaller than team issue and other various Adidas compression, which I think fit even smaller than techfit. Anyway, maybe I got a defective pair as the waistband ripped off within and hour. The irony about these, though, is that the material of the legging bit is actually incredible. It is super-flexible but still offers compression, great for a complete range of movement to a degree I've never encountered in a compression tight, including past techfit styles. The material here is also lighter and thinner. Not sure what went wrong with mine--whether they were defective, or the material too thin and they really should be folding the waistband over the material before sewing so there isn't just one flimsy seem. II'd even blame myself for buying too small a size but all my other techfit gear still fits in the same size and I bought the exact matching shorts to these and they fit fine.) Maybe Adidas decided to tighten the waist on the tights as a loose waist on tights can lead to tights coming down when a person is running in them, somewhat unlike shorts. At any rate, even if you have a slim waist, as I do, go up a size from your usual is my only advice if you want these. ... read more

MattScott, Canada go to product
Techfit Base Tee Great shirt but...
April 20 2016

Overall I like the shirt. Only wish it wouldn't ride up when I run. I have the base tights too and the shirt always rides up so I have to constantly pull it back down during a run. A thin strip of clear rubber around the bottom might solve the problem! ... read more

Runr4Evr, Washington, DC go to product
Ultimate Tee Bought these thinking they were the same as the old Ultimate Tee
April 20 2016

I was a fan - these WERE great workout T-shirts - 85% poly 15% cotton - now - as others have noted they are 100% poly - not as comfortable and not as good a fit. Too bad....should have bought more back in the day :( ... read more

Loupgarou, San Francisco go to product
Traxion Premier Crew Socks Medium 1 Pair Not Specifically Meant for Soccer
April 19 2016

The socks look great. The feel durable and comfortable. However, they were advertised as training socks on, and they turned out to be soccer socks. This isn't a huge issue as the socks are great. It's just for those who are nit-picky. Otherwise, these are fantastic socks, and look great on feet. ... read more

AJ223, Michigan go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights Great run
April 18 2016

I have tried this product on a couple of runs I am a slightly larger gent with no issues, would recomend these for any activity. Bought three more pairs that good. Tiny critisim is that the labels are awkward to get out without pulling stitching picky really. ... read more

Chrisindoors, Northwest go to product
Techfit Base Tee Black TechFit
April 18 2016

highly recommended it to everyone. I purchased a XL but it kinda tight for me then i decided to going up to XXL and then the XXL is perfect fit, comfortable except for the back length of the shrit is slightly short so i dont know it suppose to be like that or what but whatever. ... read more

Salt Lake City go to product
High-Impact Bra I'm Impressed
April 15 2016

I tend to hate sports bras, but I love this one!! If you only ever own one sports bra, make it this one. I appreciate that it can be manipulated to fit your body perfectly yet also be dynamic enough to fit through possible weight fluctuations. I also have to comment on the quality, which I normally don't spend too much time mentioning adidas quality because it is ALWAYS on point, but this bra truly impressed me. ... read more

2007gigir, Las Vegas, NV go to product
Techfit Base Tights An adidas favourite
April 08 2016

perfect fit i am 36" waist 6'2" tall was dubious about the length when they came out of the packet (they looked like 3/4 length) but once tried on the stretch in the material was really good without being too tight great product quality ... read more

1tim1 go to product
Techfit Base Tee Great tshirt, comfortable and supportive!
April 08 2016

A fantastic compression base layer that does exactly what it says on the tin by keeping you cool and dry throughout. I purchased as I already had the long sleeve version that I have used throughout the winter months and have been incredibly impressed with its performance throughout. ... read more

Runfatboyrun, London go to product
March 27 2016

As other reviewers here have mentioned, this shirt is NOT the same as the 20% cotton/80% polyester blend as before. The blended shirt was perfect and I'd buy every color available if they still offered it. This shirt is 100% polyester and totally uncomfortable compared to before. Definitely would not recommend. Adidas, Please bring back the cotton/polyester blend!! ... read more

vd, Chicago, IL go to product
Techfit Base Tights With this one, highly recommend a XL size, trust me.
March 21 2016

To be honest, choose a much larger-than-yours one, like getting an XL To be frank, I tried to use the Adidas size table to find the perfect fit for me, but, regarding this product, I will recommend you choose a much larger size compared to yours. Why ? Because In my case, I am 60 kg roughly, with the height is about 1m 7. (Thin and kind of tall). I chose the XL size for this one, and I was right. I bought similar Adidas products like this, yes they are comfortable, I agree, but the size is too tight if you choose your normal right size. For example, in my case, I usually pick Medium (most of the times) or Large size, but with training stuff like this, definitely I choose the XL. Now I have them, the XL size clothes, and I would say they now fit me. In short, to the training stuff or clothes, go for a much larger size than your normal size. It is true. ... read more

Adelaidecostumer, Adelaide, South Australia go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights Great for footy!
March 20 2016

These compression shorts are really good for footy, I use them in my 5-a-side games and they do the trick just right. I'm 6 foot tall and have quite large thighs and I chose a large. They fit spot on. If in doubt go bigger. I've been cautious in the past and picked a medium and they were too tight. ... read more

Jazz13, Durham, UK go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights Great colour
March 19 2016

Yeah got these for some ultimate fitness circuits to help with heat/ sweat etc. Fit like a glove almost, would've liked more compression TBH - still they certainly helped my focus on legs and moved the sweat away so I wasn't soaked and uncomfortable by the end of the session. The print is awesome and makes you stand out in the gym rather than boring black! ... read more

Malteser, Stoke on Trent go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights Ideal for Footy
March 17 2016

I needed a decent pair of compression shorts for 5-a-side and saw these for a good price. I'm extremely happy I bought these. I genuinely believe I can't buy better kit from any other brand. I'm 6 foot tall and have quite large thighs so I purchased a large pair. They fit perfectly. I would definitely not go any smaller or larger. The length is good too, they're visible under football shorts but that doesn't look at all bad. Yet again another great item from Adidas! ... read more

JazzJPH, Durham, UK go to product
Ultimate Tee Not what they use to be.
March 15 2016

The 85% polyester and 15% cotton was better thanow the 100% polyester. The new shirts are not the same. They fit completely different. I go to put on a small and it's too small, go to put on a medium it's too big. I have a smalls in the older shirts and they were perfect. Need to change it back to the blend of fabrics. They do not have the same feel and just suck really. ... read more

AOA go to product
Ultimate Tee Product change, I'm not coming back
March 12 2016

This used to be the BEST workout T. When other companies were busy making plastic bags, Adidas had an 85% poly/15% cotton blend workout tee. It was soft, light, and felt like a normal t shirt. Excellent moisture wicking, supremely comfortable. I bought 5 at once. As I go to replace them with more of the same, I notice that these are no longer the t shirts I used to buy. These are terrible. They feel like a shower curtain lining. I returned them immediately and will not come back to Adidas for workout shirts until they come back with the cotton/poly blend. ... read more

Makr go to product
Ultimate Tee Used to be good but no more
March 02 2016

I loved this shirt in the past but just got a new one and its itchy and not nearly as comfortable. I think its since its all polyester now with no cotton but who knows. Hope they decide to change it back in future but doubt it. ... read more

Fremen go to product
Techfit Base Tee Techfit Base Tee Short Sleeve
February 28 2016

I bought the techfit base tee in size small color black. The size small fits true to size. The sleeve length runs slightly past my elbow. The fabric is light weight and offers compression. I washed this shirt several times and the color did not fade. I recommend hang drying. Overall, this shirt is well made with exceptional fabric and designed to offer a performance and flattering fit. ... read more

Ferminator, Toms River, New Jersey go to product
Techfit Base Tee Another great purchase
February 12 2016

Very happy with the new top. Used last weekend in cold windy conditions. I stayed warm and did not feel the effect of the wind. The garment did not restrict my movement or golfing activity. So happy that I have purchased a second top in a different colour. ... read more

Montalbahn, UK go to product
Ultimate Tee Unwearable...
February 08 2016

I have been buying these shirts for years and used to love them, but now that Adidas has removed the cotton and changed the fit, they are unwearable. Tight, itchy and uncomfortable. Not a good move, Adidas. ... read more

rwatson, New York City go to product
Ultimate Tee Great workout T!
February 08 2016

I usually wear dry fit t's from other brands but they stink. I love this shirt because it absorbs sweat yet leaving you dry and smelling good. It does show the sweat but it dry fast. I have every color except the yellow. ... read more

Albie415, Sf ca. go to product
Techfit Base Tee Perfect under layer
January 31 2016

Fits comfortable on my body and keeps me nice a warm whilst playing football on the cold winter days, supports my muscles and the sweat away. I love the fact it can worn during any type exercises from endurance training, running and even in the gym. Highly recommended. ... read more

2shytommy, London, Uk go to product
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