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Weightlifting • Shoes

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Reviews for: Weightlifting Shoes

746 reviews
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Good shoes
February 04 2016

They won't make you stronger but they will improve stability in your knees and help maintain proper form when you get unto heavy weights for deadlifts and squats. I find they even offer some benefit for upright rows. ... read more

MtnTwin, Canada go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes adiPOWERs well worth it
February 01 2016

I bought these shoes for squats primarily. Like many reviews have previously stated, these shoes make you feel glued to the ground and really provide a stable base for squats. It's really quite impressive how much better my stance feels. They fit great and provide the support I was after. They are a little uncomfortable to walk it but if you need them for olympic lifts only, they should work great. Definitely the right buy. ... read more

Sam G, Memphis go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Ideal
February 01 2016

Bought these shoes as a few people had recommended them to me. They certainly feel a lot more sturdier than normal trainers so hopefully with the extra sturdiness the confidence should build and start lifting big. The only recommendation I could give is to go a half size bigger as they are rather tight, unless they give slightly ... read more

Moobuttabean, Carlisle,uk go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes 2nd Pair Perfect
January 31 2016

Bought these for my son for Christmas in a 10 which is the same as his adidas football boots. They were too small so ordered in an 11 and they are perfect. Would recommend that if you are used to buying adidas you go at least a half size or even a full size larger. Must say the return and refund of the original pair was easy and straight forward. ... read more

sj57, Cornwall go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Better Than The Power Lifting Shoe
January 31 2016

Replaced a two year old pair of the Adidas Power Lifting gym shoes with this the Weightlifting set. Much stiffer so requires a warmup period to conform to your foot each time. The heel has a broad hard plastic sole with an ideal amount of lift that works very well for leg work. A very well designed shoe for a specific gym application you are not going to run in these shoes. ... read more

Mezavirs, Whonnock, B.C. go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great shoes
January 30 2016

I got these shoes to help with performing the Olympic lifts and help place me in the right position when squatting due to lack of mobility. They have tremendously helped in these areas and they also feel great on my feet. I highly recommend these shoes. ... read more

Ca1, San Diego, CA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Really great unisex shoe for novices / beginners
January 25 2016

I am a woman and always have trouble finding gear that isn't pink or a horrible 'girly colour' so I was thankful I found these. I also have wide feet so always a problem to get shoes that fit me, these shoes were a gamble that paid off - nice wide fit and very solid without being heavy. Really good for novice weightlifters like me, I can feel the different in the power of my deadlifts and squats in these shoes. The only vaguely negative thing I would say is that the top of the shoe toe can curl in and squash your toes a bit if you're walking about or stretching in them but the shoe outer is soft so there is quite a bit of give anyway, just not really a shoe to walk around in a lot! I use different trainers to walk to the gym and change into these just for weight sessions. ... read more

London go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Flat footed
January 21 2016

I've often struggled to find a good comfortable shoe that also keeps up with stability. Having a very flat foot and being a larger guy these shoes are perfect! Got a half size smaller for a little snug fit without compromising squishing width wise (I wear an 11.5 shoe ordered 11) couldn't be happier :) ... read more

Eshaskin, Saskatoon go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Awesome colour, but wrong choice for me
January 20 2016

Firstly, this review doesn't have much to say against the shoe. They fit and looked great, however, I don't know why Adidas doesn't have more women's weightlifting shoes. I figured that the single option I had, the "Powerlift 2.0" shoes would cover all my needs. I was wrong. I simultaneously purchased the men's "Power Perfect II" shoes and the heel is almost twice as lifted as the women's Powerlift 2.0 (probably more similar to the Men's Powerlift 2.0 shoes. Go figure). For someone who has tight calves and short achilles tendons, these shoes were not as useful to me as the men's style I purchased, and I find it frustrating that there aren't more weightlifting shoe options in the women's sizes. Although I ultimately decided to keep the men's Power Perfect 2, they are too big (I got the smallest size available) and I would have liked to have the option of this style in women's sizes. ... read more

CMichelleB, Winnipeg go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great purchase
January 18 2016

Very comfortable shoes. They made quite the difference in my squat and I really like to wear them for bench as well. Sole has a lot of grip, keeps your foot firmly into place and allows to really dig into the floor. However I found the fit to be very small. I usually wear size 7 or 7.5 and had to order a 6. I have slightly wide feet and was worried about the shoes being too narrow and stiff in the toes, but I broke them in very fast. ... read more

CatJL go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great weightlifting shoes
January 14 2016

Great shoes, not as good as the old ironworks, but much better than all other weightlifting shoes on sale currently. Just wish they would start making ironworks 3 again, let me know adidas, i could sell at least 15 pairs for you. ... read more

Bundell105, Gosport go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes WOW do no hesitate
January 11 2016

I have always lifted with my dead-lifts and squats bare footed. However having these has really allowed me to keep my stability and and actually lift a lot heavier than before. Would defo recommend to any serious lifter. Really comfortable and love the fact that they allow half sizes for best fit. ... read more

SSMANN1990, London UK go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great shoes
January 10 2016

These shoes are awesome very sturdy and can tell and feel the diifrence when you squat with just with your own body weight, I hadn't managed to try them in the gym as there where I half size too small but would highly recommend these. ... read more

Davidm1872, Hamilton go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Love them already
January 09 2016

These are my first pair of weightlifting shoes, I bought them after watching some videos about how they can improve olympic lifts etc. They fit perfectly, i'm a size 10.5 in adidas shoes and they were exactly right. The delivery was a little late, but I'm no rush as I am currently building a weightlifting platform. I would definitely recommend. ... read more

JM909, Cambridge, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Would wholly recommend
January 08 2016

Very nice shoe and looks aesthetically very appealing. Provide a stable base and are very comfortable. It doesn't get 5* because the fit was slightly narrower than expected and, when worn with thicker socks, they feel tighter - although I naturally have wide feet. However, it's quite negligible and their purpose is to provide stability and that's exactly what they do. ... read more

Alexander95, London go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Solid Shoe
January 08 2016

I typically workout barefoot but made the switch to a WL shoe because I am joining a weightlifting club. I like the heel, it is not too aggressive but provides a sold base from which to lift. Would definitely recommend. ... read more

StrengthCoach, Canada go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great shoes
January 07 2016

Being used to just using running or cross-training shoes, I wasn't sure how these would really benefit me. So far they have been pretty great - having a more solid platform to lift from has made my lifts feel more stable (and I expect will cut down on how fast I was killing runners). The only down side of these is that they are pretty garish - feel kinda like I am wearing some sort of disco shoes.... ... read more

Tim4314 go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Gold Standard
January 06 2016

As anyone looking at these shoes already knows, they are the gold standard for weightlifting. Use confirms this, more comfortable than other shoes in a similar price range with exceptional grip and stability. No hang ups as far as I am concerned. Will buy again (in ~10 years when these wear out). If you live near an employee store and can get a pass, $100 is an absolute steal for the quality of these shoes. ... read more

slycen go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Cool
January 06 2016

I was nervous about the fitting of these liftingshoes, but they fit perfectly! The colour is not quite what i expected as it is much more vibrant and neon (I ordered the green pair) but I do like it though. ... read more

Lalahaka, Denmark go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Great help to my squats
January 04 2016

First ever weighlifting shoes I've owned. Really liking the new angle I'm targeting my squats at. Allows for me to dip deeper on them. Really helps. They seem slightle less sturdy than other wooden sole shoes I've used in the past. look is very sleek and colours are cool. Really liking them so far. ... read more

Roropwr, Vancouver, BC go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Good quality
January 02 2016

Bought adidas adipower weightlifting shoes and found them comfortable,good quality, and sturdy. Sizing was a bit Bought adidas adipower weight lifting shoes,found them to be good quality, comfortable and sturdy. Usual size is 10.5, ended up needing 10 as shoe fit longer. ... read more

Gmate77, Ontario go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Christmas Present
January 02 2016

Got these for my boyfriend for Christmas. As he has never owned a pair of adidas shoes, he was not sure of his size but I ordered his normal size and it fit perfectly! He was so excited to wear it for his squats as he is a powerlifter. ... read more

katt33 go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes really nice shoes and fit
December 31 2015

great shoes for squats would recommend to liftersgreat shoes for squats would recommend to liftersgreat shoes for squats would recommend to liftersgreat shoes for squats would recommend to liftersgreat shoes for squats would recommend to lifters ... read more

minh123456, Abbotsford go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Amazing shoes for training!
December 27 2015

I used to train as a bodybuilder and never really focused on lifts like the squat and its variations beyond how it felt on the muscle I was targeting. The last few months I've begun to infuse olympic lifts, squats, deads, standing shoulder press or jerks into my training and these shoes have made a major difference! I used to train in Converse All-Stars but the stability of these shoes are incomparable. Squatting in my old shoes I was still a 540lb squatter around the time I ordered these but in these shoes within 2 weeks of getting a good feel in them I've already hit a 575 Squat PR! They're comfortable and really provide an insane power output. On the bench press the legdrive and stability has boosted my bench PR from 320 to 335 after only one, 4 week microcycle of training. Highly recommend these shoes! ... read more

Rafitness, Toronto go to product
adiPower Weightlifting Shoes Gainz
December 26 2015

Fits perfect. I wear a size 8 rebooks and adidas. if you have those two brand get the exact same size, it fits perfect. Definetley feel more stable on my squats as a powerlifter, helps with depth of course if you have limited ankle mobility and i just feel like i can exert more ground force with these shoes which transfer power to the bar. awesome, won't be disappointed! ... read more

deadliftluu go to product
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